Look, when your boyfriend refuses to fuck you in order to play one more day on Stardew Valley, it’s time to give him a video game punishment. 

I didn’t set out to give my boyfriend a video game punishment. After all, I love sitting down and playing a few rounds of PVP or play other games with him. But there are times when a woman has needs, you know? When I’m horny and dripping wet and all he’s doing is staring at the screen, I know someone needs to take care of me. 

This day started like most. I sent him a few texts, letting him know I was super horny. He told me he’d be ready, and I was excited for the thought of his cock inside. Sometimes, I just need to be stretched out and penetrated, and this was one of those days. Given his texts back, he seemed to be on board. He told me he was finishing up watering our crops on our farming simulator (the aforementioned Stardew Valley), and he’d prepare himself to be jumped. Which is what I was expecting. 

I expected to be jumped when I got home and pressed against the door and ravished. I did not expect to have him wave a hand. “Hey, babe. Just a few more minutes.”

“It takes me 30 minutes to drive home.” 

Maybe this would be one of those times he wanted to do a real-time MMO ERP? But no, Stardew Valley has very limited graphics, and it’s not a massive multiplayer. I frowned.

I put my purse away and moved to the bedroom, suspicious he hadn’t even started to prepare. Just as I had suspected, the bedroom was lacking everything we needed. No lube, no pillows for him to fuck me deeply, nor any toys. The hard fucking I craved wouldn’t be coming from him.

Taking Care of Myself

So I opened up my toybox and got one of my vibes. It’s a little bullet I love to tease myself with. 

Carefully, I placed it on my clit, closing my legs as it hummed away. And then I started lubing up my big dildo, my pussy quivering at the thought. Well, quivering may not be the best word, though it did clench each time I passed my fingers over the toy. But from all the wetness I had in anticipation, my pussy drooled over the bed. 

“I’m starting,” I shouted. 

“Wait! One more day!” But despite me saying okay, he didn’t make it to the bedroom. I heard yet another day pass.

So, I waited. I kept lubing up the dildo. The little vibe hummed along my clit. I even fucked myself a little with the dildo, but it wasn’t enough for my hungry pussy. 

I waited, waited, and waited. After 40 minutes, I realized he wasn’t coming. And neither was I. 

Well, if he wasn’t going to pay attention to me, I decided, I’d find someone who would. I leaned over to my phone and called up my ex, Devon. 

Someone Else to Fuck

Devon showed up far faster than I expected. When he arrived, I gave him a big kiss. He shook his head, smiling fondly. “You were always so horny, Elise.” 

I shushed him with my finger, and then I led him back to where my boyfriend was playing his game. “Look, sweetie. I’ve told you I need someone to give me their cock. I’ve been playing with myself for the past hour. This video game punishment isn’t fair to me. So, if you don’t leave that game right now, I’m headed back to the bedroom with Devon, and he’s going to fuck me senseless.” 

My boyfriend nodded but didn’t look up from the screen. After a moment, I nodded to Devon, who was only shaking his head. “Dumbass,” he mouthed at me, and I shrugged back at him. My boyfriend’s loss would be Devon’s gain.

My boyfriend had now been warned. I reached towards Devon’s cock, and he smiled. “Right here, you slut?” he asked. I walked a few steps over to the couch, dropped my dress, and lay back with my legs spread open.

“You know how I like it. Besides, it’s not a video game punishment for him if he can’t experience it, right?” 

Devon chuckled before dropping his pants. Like me, he was ready to go. His thick cock jutted out from between his hips. He promises me that he will be rough and finally, finally give me what I needed. 

As soon as Devon pressed inside, my wish came true. I finally got that good dicking I craved. Consequently, my boyfriend got the video game punishment that he deserved. 

Why don’t you get some hot phone sex of your own while my boyfriend is playing his games?

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