Vehicle Sex: We Got Caught By The Police Fucking At a Rest Stop!

Vehicle sex is when you fuck in a car. And boy, do I have my share of car fuck stories. But, this particular story just takes the cake! My new boyfriend is fucking adventurous and LOVES to fuck me anywhere and everywhere.

So, my boyfriend came over at about 5 pm and we hung out until about 9:45 pm. Then we got on the road to pick up my friend from work. Because we’re dropping her off in a little town called Gila Bend which is about an hour and 45 minutes away. She wants to go see her boyfriend so my boyfriend takes her about once a week.

We arrive at her work and she jumps in the car with all of her shit. And we start the long drive up to Gila Bend. My friend is in the backseat the whole time watching Supernatural on her phone… so, I decide it’s a good time to reach over and get my boyfriend a little excited.

I lean over and put my arm on the center console and reach down and start rubbing my man’s thigh. He looks to me and smirks as I start walking my fingers up and resting it on his crotch. And I smile at him, also biting my lip, I start rubbing his crotch. He leans back a little bit and lets me continue to tease his cock.

My friend is too into Supernatural to give a fuck.

But, after a while, we are in Gila Bend. Driving to my friend’s boyfriend’s place and stopping right in front. My friend’s boyfriend meets us outside and takes her bag inside for her. My boyfriend and I get out for a few minutes and say hi and bye really quick.

Then my boyfriend and I walk out and he opens the car door for me and slaps me on the ass as I get in. I am so fucking horny and cannot stand it! We start back on the road to Yuma and I still tease my man the whole way. And he reaches over and puts his hand up my dress and rubs my pussy.

Halfway home I just can’t take it anymore and neither can he. We see the sign for the rest area and smile at each other. We know what we want and we are going to have it at that rest stop. So, we take the exit and pull into a spot that wasn’t too lit up by the street lamps.

We hop into the backseat and start ripping each other’s clothes off. I lie back and spread my legs. He gets between my legs and starts sucking on my nipples as I grab his cock. Moaning, I slide his cock inside of my already dripping wet pussy.

He whispers “Ah, fuck,” as he slides deep inside of me.

Then he starts to pump in and out of me with slow, long thrusts. I grab onto his arms and look into his eyes as I feel his cock filling up my little pussy. My legs shake as I start to cum onto his cock. He smiles and starts to fuck me harder.

I cannot get enough of his cock filling me up and I just lose myself in the moment and start really moaning LOUDLY. We can hear some truck drivers cheering us on which I found hilarious but was too busy fucking at that exact moment. Then… we see a light flashing inside of the car. But that doesn’t stop us.

We keep fucking and my boyfriend starts to cum inside of me as there is a knock on the window. Oh my god did it feel amazing. But, as soon as he was done he jumped off of me and opened the door to find two police officers looking at us as if we were a couple of teenagers. “So, you two having a great time tonight?”

I am MORTIFIED but I laugh it off as they let us off with a warning and they tell us to get out of there. My boyfriend zips up his pants and gets in the driver’s seat and we drive off. This is almost as good as grocery store fucking with my ex!

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