Hence, in My Opinion, The Hottest Day of the Year to Have Valentine Revenge Sex?

What are your thoughts on Valentine revenge sex?  Rebound sex is so hot, but there is something so satisfying about cheating sex.  First of all, don’t get me wrong!  One on hand a hot lesbian sex orgy comes pretty close in my book!   A woman cannot ask for anything more!

Ordinarily, this would be the case for me.  There was A year not too long ago my husband had decided to go fishing with some of his friends.  There are some days a couple should never miss spending together!  Sometimes when I think back on it, I think my husband knew he wanted to go out with the guys and do his own thing.  The plan was too well orchestrated for it to be a coincidence.

The year in question I had planned a wonderful surprise for Tony.  I had gone out to buy a new dress, get my hair done, and my nails, including my beautiful feet which he loved licking and sucking so much.  Just then my cell phone rang.  It was Tony telling me he was being detained at work late.  He said he felt so bad about the whole situation and hoped we could do Valentine’s Day the next night.

Feeling dejected I hung up the phone.  I was beyond mad. 

I looked on Facebook scrolling through other happy posts from friends spending time with their significant others.  Just then I saw a post from his best friend with a picture of Tony.  They were looking forward to evening fishing on Valentine’s night.  So, not only did Tony lie to me but he had been planning this trip for a while.

By the same token if Tony could have fun, then I could too!  That night I dressed up in my sexy new strapless evening dress.  I donned my black thigh-high stockings and heels.  The night was young and I was feeling beautiful.  There was a supper club that had a nice dinner and dancing.  Strutting myself I socialized with as many guys as possible.  I whispered sweet nothings in their ears, enticing them to come and play with me tonight at my place.

After dancing and flirting for a while, I headed home. 

It wasn’t long before the door rang and some guys came inside to play.  Tonight was free for all and those guys could have any hole to fuck.  My mouth became their second pussy when one hole was occupied.  I must have had at least ten or more guys.  My favorite cock was the big black cocks.

Soon after, Tony came home from his supposed meeting.  Grabbing Tony’s hand I led him to the bedroom.  Thinking that everything was all good he proceeds to turn on the charm.  I told him tonight I wanted to sit on his face so he could enjoy my sweet wet pussy.

Tony could eat pussy so so good.  As he licked me I clenched my thighs squeezing his head hard and grinding against his face.  I wanted to release at the right moment.  Tony was going to eat my cum like a good little whore while I tell him about all of the big hard cocks that fucked me and how much more of a man they were in bed than him.

Ah, sometimes Valentine revenge sex can be so sweet-tasting.  Are you thirsty for more naughty in your life?  Lust will not wait!  Come and play with the hottest cheating wife!

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