Used condoms have Mark extremely turned on
Used condoms go in the trash.  At least normally.  That isn’t what happened to one particular used condom.  Mark and his four roommates decided to throw a party to celebrate the end of finals.  Like most parties, things got a little out of hand.  Actually, things got very out of hand.  Apparently, a lot of people wanted to celebrate telling their classes to fuck off for a semester.  Their house was packed, Beer became beer, shots, and blow.  It was amazing for Mark, and he certainly indulged, but he’d forgotten the most important aspect that he was about to be reminded of in the morning.
The clean-up
The mess was crazy.  Sure, there weren’t holes in the walls or kissing floorboards, thankfully, but everything else you can think of – clogged toilets, vomit, piss, and passed out people everywhere – was present and accounted for.  Though things had been epic, if Mark didn’t get this place in decent shape, he and his roommates could kiss a place to stay for next year goodbye.  So, he got to work starting with his bedroom.
Absolute Treasure
He was in for an eyeful.  There, passed out on his bed was some jock and big titted slut.  He definitely knew they had fucked because he could still see the condom…around the jocks fat cock.  He hadn’t even bothered to pull up his pants he was so out of it, and he waking him seemed impossible.  Mark’s eyes kept returning to the used condom dangling there.  The guy had such a long, thick cock.  He had to fight this.  He couldn’t indulge in this because he wasn’t gay.  Mark liked pussy.  Loved it, even, and he was sure there was a ton of it on that condom…

It was still warm, too

Mark told himself that he was just cleaning it up, but that excuse quickly dried up once he was holding it.  Thanks to it being on his dock all night, the contents were still warm, and there was so much of it.  No doubt, if he had blown his load inside that cunt, she’d have gotten pregnant.  It was so heavy and might as well have been fresh.  He wanted to do something so bad.  So very bad.  And that’s what he did.
He put it on
Mark felt the gooey man-seed drench his rock hard cock and started to stroke it right over the two.  He wanted to rub his cock against that giant one and suck it, too.  It felt so fucking good feeling all of that fuck-slime slosh around his cock.  He was going to add to it, too.  He let gobs of it spill right into it as his balls emptied.
“Well?” I said, sitting up.  “You gonna eat it, or what?”
He stared at me holding the used condoms not sure what to do or say.  he’d been caught red-handed.  In fact, he was still pumping jizz into the condom when I spoke.  I was extremely entertained by this.  Daniel had been known to have some impressively big loads.  I would have been glad to take it up my cunt if he wasn’t trying to be (ick) responsible.  Jokes on him, though.  Some perv was now getting off to his cumshot right over him.
“I don’t think Daniel would be all too happy to find you like this, you little closet faggot.  So, you’re going to have to dispose of the evidence.  Right now.  Eat it.  Eat it, faggot.  Swallow it all down.  Eat your load and his, cum sucker.  What are you waiting for?  Him to wake up and kick your ass?”
I started shaking Daniel and that was enough to scare the cum lover into dumping it all down his hungry throat.  What a fucking loser.  He didn’t even gag.  He just drank it all.  Swallowed it like he needed it to live.  What a slut.  He was an even bigger slut than me.  Two loads at once?  Come on.  He didn’t even let a drop spill.  What a nasty ho.
Would you swallow all of that jizz out of used condoms?  Of course, you would, you little cum eater.  you probably would have sucked his cock, too.  Call my phone sex line and confess so that I can make you eat your cock milk like a good boy.