James is an interesting guy. He and I have been hanging out for a while now. He is taking me on a romantic getaway this weekend. I am going to give him an unparalleled sensual GFE on this trip.

I know I am his favorite girl. My goal is to be his only girl. Of course, he will never be my only guy and he knows that. I am a naughty slut and love fucking. Not just one guy but lots of them.

James is aware of that. And, if he doesn’t choose just me, it will be okay. However, I am hoping he does. To entice him even more, I am going to make this trip amazing. His cock will be hard all weekend.

Of course, my unparalleled sensual GFE will also make him feel like a king.

On the drive up to the cabin, I have his favorite snacks and drinks ready for him. As we are getting on some quieter roads, I know it is time for a sexy road blow job. Additionally, every girl should have Good Dick Sucking skills.

Mine are out of this world. James can’t get enough of my oral gifts. And, I love giving them to him. He is always impressing me with his driving skills during the road head. His concentration on the road and blow job is amazing.

As he is getting close to cumming, I am ready to swallow his whole load. I know that makes him happy. And, adds to my unparalleled sensual GFE skills that will keep him happy.

Once we are at the cabin and things are unloaded he is feeling like cuddling.

He has a fire going in the fireplace, we are all bundled up together in blankets and it is so romantic. We have music streaming through the cabin and I am in heaven with him. As we lay there together we doze off.

When I wake up, I am horny and want to wake him up in a special way. I start kissing his body and exploring it with my hands. He is moaning as I roam closer to his cock. It is getting rock hard and I take it out of his pants.

At first, I am stroking and massaging it. Then, I start licking his cock and balls. Slowly, he is waking up with a sexy smile on his face. When he looks down at me, I take his cock in my mouth and suck on him. Time for some unparalleled sensual GFE fun!

Now, he is ready for the fucking.

I stand in front of him and slide out of my clothes. Showing him my sexy bra and panties underneath. He is getting his clothes off as I lay back down beside him. We make out for and minute and then, I climb on top of him.

At first, I slide my pussy back and forth on his cock. I love teasing him just a bit. Then, it is time to take him inside me. He is more than ready to fuck me now. Of course, this is just the beginning of our wonderful weekend!

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