Unforgettable Public Sex,And I Don’t Even Know His Name.

The first time I saw him, I wanted to be his. He looked at me so intensely the whole night, like he was trying to actually undress me with his eyes. Every time I looked over at him he was already looking at me. Right at me. This wedding we were at…love was obviously in the air, but this was lust…I didn’t know his name, how he knew the bride or groom, or anything about him for that matter. One thing I did know is that I wasn’t leaving this wedding reception un-fucked by him even if that meant public sex.

This dress was getting pretty itchy and I’d visited the open bar maybe too many times so I was feeling pretty good and had an enormous urge to be naked. It my cousin’s best friend’s sister’s….or something like, wedding so if I disappeared for a little while. My absence would probably go unnoticed. There were delicious chocolate covered fruits on the table, they looked so juicy and succulent, I had to take a bite. Looking over at him… finding that he was already looking at me, I took a strawberry, and bit into it never breaking eye contact. After I swallowed, I licked my lips and got up to walk away. There was a long hallway where the bathrooms were and a bunch of other supply rooms by it…perfect. I headed for them, knowing he was watching me.

As I traveled down the hallway, I heard footsteps behind me, thank God for peripheral vision.

I could see it was him following. I felt him nearing me and I picked a door to open and as soon as I put my hand on the knob I felt him right behind me, shoving me through the threshold. He grabbed my shoulder and spun me around immediately swiping my hair to the side and devouring and tasting my neck. Mmmmm, fuck, this is exactly what I needed. He was so powerful and his tongue licked and sucked my skin like he was craving it. I pushed him off me and he slammed into the wall wiping the moisture from his lips. I lunged straight for his belt buckle. He was trying to help but I put his hands down by his side. Only seconds had gone by and he ran his fingers through my hair, he pulled it tight just as his pants dropped around his ankles.

He lifted my dress up and slid my panties to the side, impatient to feel my wetness. Once he felt exactly how he made me feel, he groaned and picked me up, my legs wrapping around his waist. He positioned his cock right in front of my slit and jutted it right into me. He spun me around so my back was against the wall, his member still inside me and starting thrusting. I couldn’t even think, I just closed my eyes and bit my lip. I was breathing heavy savoring every thrust he gave me. His excessive dirty talk, telling me what a little slut I was and how good I made his cock feel.

His groans put me over the edge and together in unison he came inside me as I exploded my juices all over him, the excess running down my legs.

He pulled out, and let his cock have one more breath of fresh air before he pulled his pants back up as I pulled my dress back down, straightening my panties. “Do you want to dance with me?” He asked. “Sure, once I leave wait a little while and come back out to the reception.”  And that was that. The simple public fuck I needed to curb my appetite…will I ever see him again after tonight? I was happy with the public sex I just had with him. I could feel myself wanting another bite out of him, just like that chocolate covered strawberry.

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