Unexpected cum eating adventures

I walked into the hotel lobby and asked for my reservation. I booked the penthouse suite: of course, I wanted to enjoy the weekend as much as I could. Male strippers were already on standby, ready to fuck me. I didn’t know exactly what my plans were here for the night, but I knew it was going to be eventful, to say the least. What did happen wasn’t planned, but, who doesn’t love an unexpected cum eating adventure?

Getting Settled In Before The Sweaty Service

I got into the suite, and the butler was brought in and introduced. He was exactly my type. I might not need those strippers after all… I mean, paying someone to be naughty is fun, but convincing someone who isn’t supposed to get naughty is more fun! After a bit of conversation with him alone, I had a rapport with him. I asked if he didn’t mind spending some time with me when he gets off duty. He obliged.

He was back after about two hours. When he returned, I kicked up the cute giggles and flirty conversation. I was staring downwards towards his crouch, trying to figure how big he could be. This is when I pondered on the idea of an unexpected cum eating experience. I proposed a truth or dare game, and at first, he was professional – hesitant. This is going to be harder than I thought. I finally got him to agree to my “harmless” game.

Seducing and unexpected cum eating 101

Immediately, I pulled out the big guns, daring him to kiss me. I could tell he was nervous, so I helped him out. Reaching over, I unbuttoned his fancy suit, slipped my fingers behind his neck, and pulled him to me. When we stopped, we just froze. Looking at each other. I didn’t know what the next step was, because I couldn’t tell what was going through his head. Was he thinking of an unexpected cum eating situation too? Without anyone saying a word, he lunges back towards me, this time grabbing me and pulling me in for a kiss.

I felt him bundling my dress up as he trailed his fingers over my laps. He slipped his finger into my already wet pussy and fingered me as he continued to kiss me passionately. I pulled his finger out from inside me. Then brought it to my mouth as I sucked my own pussy juices off his slightly pruned fingers. I didn’t know my unexpected cum eating fantasy would include my own extract! 

The Forplay Is Working, Keep It Cuming!

He unzipped the back of my gown, and my dress fell to the floor, leaving me fully naked. I knelt down as I pulled on his trouser as I have been longing to see how big he was. Just as I pulled down his briefs, a huge cock came bouncing at me, begging for a face fuck. I let out a smile of satisfaction as I stroked him gently. I stroked and tickled his balls with my other hand. Just then, I saw a trickle of precum and licked it without hesitation. I continued licking all around until I had the dick thoroughly wet with saliva. After a second of teasing, I popped his cock in my mouth and heard him let out a slight moan. I was gentle at first but soon was deep throating that shaft.

Unexpected Cum Eating; I Can’t Contain Myself!

He was beyond deep in my throat when he motioned for me to stop because he was about to cum. Of course, I rather intensified the sucking until he came fully in my mouth, slightly gagging as he pushes against the back of my throat. His cum spewed out like gunfire and coated my tongue. It was a lot for my mouth to take at once. I swallowed and licked off the rest that dropped on him.

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