We had been driving for a while, but we were having a good time laughing still getting a little restless. Then we decided to a stop to refuel and have lunch. I spotted this little bar with great ribs and fabulous music, and I knew that was the place. I mean, if we were going to have drunk public sex, this was the place to do it.

Vibing To The Music

The place was full to the brim, and everyone was dancing and having a swell time. I thought there was no harm in ordering a couple of drinks and maybe even staying for an extra hour.  The atmosphere and the food were great, so why not? He stuck with a simple club soda, and I went with gin since I wouldn’t be driving. It wasn’t long until I was pretty intoxicated. I decided now is a great time to give him a lapdance. The song playing was one of my favorites, and it hit differently with the alcohol in my system. 

It Started As A Lap Dance

In no time, I was grinding him. His cock was starting to get hard against my ass, making me more excited. I felt gingered to do more, and I did, feeling him get even more solid. Was he wanting this drunk public sex too? Within moments I was slurring and leaning into his face. We locked lips and soon started kissing passionately. Without considering it was public, he pulled my blouse up rolling my nipples in his fingers. 

“Get a room” shouted in multiple voices snapping me back to reality. I should have been embarrassed, but I would never see these people again. Either way, we dashed off towards the restroom only to realize it was occupied. We need to make a choice, fast!

I NEED That Drunk Public Sex

We went to the car, ready to finally get what the bathroom was unable to give us. He opened the driver’s side to serve as a shield from all prying eyes. He gestured for me to turn my ass and he didn’t have to tell me twice. I wanted to feel him deep inside me. My pussy was pulsing at the thought already.

I knew the best position was for me to kneel and arch my ass upwards. My skirt was already at my waist. I pulled my panties off and he collected them, putting them to his nose. This made me go crazy for him more. I quickly put my face into the seat, and knelt barely with my ass fully in public. The door was supposed to shield us. That is… if I got further in the car. I didn’t even care enough to look around, secretly wanting drunk public sex anyways. He spanked my ass and guided himself into my waiting pussy.

Don’t Stop Until We CUM

He was so big that he filled me completely. Then he started banging me hard as I moaned loudly. I moaned, screamed, the whole 9-yards. Begging for him to keep slamming into me, wanting more and more drunk public sex the longer he fucked me. After fucking me for about 15 minutes straight, I came. Turning around, I put my wetness against the seat this time and put him into my mouth. I sucked him until he came into my mouth, swallowing his cum instinctively. I wiped the edge of my lips in an intoxicated state and looked up to see that a crowd of spectators had gathered all along. After pulling my skirt down, we both got into the car. I could hear hollering and cheering as we drove off into the sun. 

I’m sure you like drunk public sex too, maybe we could talk about it while we’re having hot phone sex!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke