I love watching for my neighbor when he is either coming back from the gym or when he gets off work. Seeing him in his tight uniform as his muscles flex through his shirt is exactly what makes me crave that steamy face fuck. Last week I finally had the courage to ask him to come over for dinner and he said yes with a smile. Oh, did I mention he was a firefighter?  

Is It Getting Hot Or Is It Just Me? 

I look at myself in the mirror slowly putting on my red lipstick making sure to make it perfect. I start to let my mind wander thinking about my neighbor and him shoving me up into the wall. Biting my lip, I am already getting so wet picturing a steamy face fuck or a heated pussy pounding. I start slowly rubbing my pussy over my panties with my fingers for a while. He isn’t even here yet and I am making a wet mess all over my lingerie. My fingers continue to rub my pussy through my lacey underwear and I hear the doorbell ring as I snap back to reality.

My panties are soaked now so I quickly take them off and throw them to the side. When I run downstairs and open the door I find my neighbor in a formal button-up and a very nice pair of American Eagle jeans. I invite him in and make small chat until I smelt something burning. I had completely forgotten the chicken I was baking while I was touching myself…

Rescue Mission 

I run to the oven but as soon as I opened it the flames burst out and I catch myself making a scream. I reach under the sink and grab the fire extinguisher, but I can’t get the button to push! He gives me a minute to keep trying before I feel him get close behind me. His fingers reach out and around the handle as he squeezes and that white foam shoots out of it. Why is that so sexy?

I push my ass back against his cock outside his pants while he is putting out the fire. A few minutes pass by and the flames finally came to a stop. I feel the embarrassment start to wash over me as I realized this was my first impression. My ass still pushed against his now hard dick in his pants we just paused, frozen in this hot kitchen, waiting for it to get hotter. Not knowing what to do, he tosses the extinguisher to the side and spins me around making me look into his beautiful eyes.

Fire In The Hole: The Steamy Face Fuck Ending With Sizzling Dessert

Confused by the sudden action, I froze waiting for his next move, when he grazes his lips against mine. I kiss back passionately wrapping my arms around his neck and bringing him closer to me. His hands snake around my waist as he slips his tongue into my mouth. I hear him unbuckle his pants and look down to see him pull his thick cock out. I feel his hand grab my hair as he calmly guides me down on his cock. His cock hits the back of my throat immediately making me gag and salivate all over it as he doesn’t struggle to face fuck me slowly. Bobbing my head up and down his thick shaft, listing to him moan with pleasure, as I begin to slip my fingers under my dress. That’s when I remember I took my panties off, and my fingers slip right inside with ease.

Looking up at his sharp, chiseled chin, one hand pulling his shirt, the other playing with my wet kitty.  This steamy face fuck is everything I wanted as I speed up; my way of begging for him to line my throat with that sweet cum. I feel his hand linger on my cheek. Then he gives me a soft but stern smack and I feel my pussy twitch. Thrusting that cock all the way in, he puts out the fire of lust that was raging inside of me; of course, like a good girl, I swallowed every drop.

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