We were just two tiny girls who met at a club, and we hit it off rather quickly.

Have you ever even seen two tiny girls who were both under five feet and five inches as well as under a hundred pounds? I felt shocked to find my own doppelganger inside of a club. She was a few years older than me and a little bit drunk. We met when she spilled like half of her drink all over my stilettos. Then, she apologized profusely and asked me for a hair tie. This type of vulnerability was always super quick to win me over. She was very in my face and I could tell that this was not due to drunkenness, but just a bold personality. She had the same straight blonde hair and blue eyes like me.

The thought of fucking someone who looked exactly like me definitely interested me more and more. We began talking and she told me that she and her boyfriend broke up and that she was swearing off men for good! I told her that I had a boyfriend, but that I was growing more and more bored with him. We decided to have a little girls night and I took her back to my apartment with me and my friends. Then, we all did shots from some cheap vodka that my friend’s older sister bought for us. We ended up getting fall-over drunk. All of my friends and I were laughing and getting way too loud. My boyfriend at the time was a delivery driver and he was working the graveyard shift that night.

I expected him to be back at the apartment around four am.

As we grew more and drunker. many spills occurred. Literally all my friends just spill a ton of drinks the more fucked up they get. Drunk bitches spill everywhere. It is a lesson hard-learned and at a point, someone bought us alcohol sippy cups as a joke because of how ridiculous we can be. We all also laugh obnoxiously loud and talk at an unreasonable volume.  In the midst of this chaos, this girl ends up spilling her drink all over herself. In a bid to clean it up, she ends up spilling my friend’s drink all over me. This is like her millionth spill, but I was not bothered, because I kind of found her hot in an alluring way. I told her that I would help clean her up.

Then, I dragged her drunk ass into the bathroom where she could create no more disasters. I turned the shower on and she refused to get in. Crazy bitch. Instead, I ended up filling the bathtub with warm water and making her strip. She told me that I needed to strip too because I also was covered in alcohol. I did exactly as she told me and I plopped into the bath with her. I began to scrub her down and she returned the action. Pretty soon after, we both realized the extent of the intimacy of the situation. We were both naked and in the bath. I slid my hand between her legs and began rubbing her clit and fingering her.

She kissed me and began playing with my nipples.

I could feel myself growing closer and closer to cumming. She appeared quite up there as well. Right as I made her cum, I looked to the right and my boyfriend had just gotten home. He just stood in the doorway, shocked, with his mouth wide open. She came while I stared into his eyes diabolically. Then, I grew even closer to cumming. I switched off looking at both her and him. Finally, I came. My boyfriend had seen another girl make me cum and I loved it. I approached him after she and I dried off, so we might talk about it. I found him holed up in the bedroom, jerking off fervently. Right as I caught him red-handed, he came all over himself.

I knew that he liked the idea of two tiny girls fucking. Who wouldn’t like to watch two tiny girls make each other cum in the bathtub? I never got in trouble for what went down.

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