I thought that discovering Tribbing was unnecessary.

It was so simple that discovering Tribbing seemed kind of lame to bring up. It wasn’t until I met this rather dominant older girl who introduced me to it. She was not much older. Just like three or four years older than me. She was bigger, though. Not fat, or even really big-boned. I don’t like girls that much larger than me. Her arms were beautiful. Her core was all ripped too. Like a Jillian Michaels, but like half of her age. We met online, and she immediately asked for my Snapchat info. I gave it to her, but I was slightly reluctant to give it out to someone who hardly seemed real. She added me and immediately jumped into a sexual conversation.

We started talking, and she said that she was the dom and that she most definitely was topping me if we hooked up. Then she started sending me nudes. At least there was no doubt whether or not she was real at that point. I received many real snaps. Snaps of her juicy little tits and tight abs. Of course, I sent her a fair amount in reciprocation. Videos of me masturbating and using whatever toy that she directed me to use. Eventually, I suggested that we meet up. She came over to my house and brought weed. We both smoked on my couch and teased each other for a while.

We talked about everything, and eventually, she just laced her fingers into my ponytail.

She pulled my face in to kiss her, and she kissed me super gently at first. Then she pressed into my mouth with hers. She maintained complete control of my head. We made out, and eventually, she began exploring my body. She traced her fingers and ran her hands over every part of me. With one hand, she held both of my wrists immobile above my head. Then, she stripped me. The only article of clothing I wore at that point was my panties. Anytime that I tried to remove my hands to touch her, she bit me, usually on the ribs or my tits. She sucked and toyed with my nipples over and over. She traced her fingers all along my skin, and heat crept over me.

I was usually the teaser and not the teased. She edged me. She slid her leg in between mine, forcing my legs apart. Then, she began to grind her knee into my pussy. I grew wetter and wetter. I felt her knee and thigh grow slippery with pussy juices. She pulled back and sort of thrust her knee back and forth gently into my clit. She lost focus for a moment and released me for long enough that I could reach into her shorts and play with her pussy. I could feel her growing desperate. She wanted to cum and it made her lose control. She stripped off her clothes and then began pulling my panties down. Then, she pressed her pussy to mine.

I grew even wetter.

I could feel the heat from her pussy as she pressed into me. The bud of her clit pressed close to the bud of my clit. I really liked discovering Tribbing with a girl who was a dom because she definitely knew what she was doing and how exactly to make us both cum. She grabbed me by the hand and used her arm strength to pull my body down into hers. She ground her pussy into mine in circles with her hips. It was such an aggressive act, and it turned me on in many ways. Could discovering Tribbing make me cum? I thought that was just a myth perpetuated by porn! She used her other hand to grab me by the hair and hold me in place.

I felt the tension build, and my thighs began to tremble. The sensation grew more and more intense. My heart rate raised as I felt utterly and completely at her mercy. She made me look into her dark eyes as she came, and then I came shortly after. We both laid there in total satisfaction, knowing that we were going to play again.

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