I had thought about engaging in some lesbian ass play with this girl before but was hesitant.

I thought, “Is lesbian ass play even a thing?” She had such a tight, cute little ass, and it just begged to be played with! We had been fooling around a bit in the months before, but I always handled with care because she was super shy and innocent. Not annoying innocent, though. I always found girls who were innocent by choice, to be super fucking irritating. As a woman of a hefty amount of experience, I found the choice to remain ignorant and untouched by life’s pleasures, rather obnoxious and sad. What a waste. This girl was not like that. She was eager to learn, and I loved it! I, myself, am an enthusiastic teacher.

First, I lightly introduced her to some fun little BDSM ideas, and we found that we both enjoyed that! I had just begun to push her limits after the introduction of toys. First were the vibrators, and then came other toys and implements like restraints and my paddle. One of the lines that we had yet to cross was any lesbian ass play. I  know that she had entertained the idea, although, probably not nearly as much as I had. I decided to make my move this time and ease her fully into the world of debauchery. After rifling through my toys, I found my cute glass vibrator. It had a motor attached to it, so the whole thing vibrated.

The whole toy was smooth and trembled quite aggressively.

After pulling it out, I grabbed some coconut oil and brought it to the bedroom. We were going to need it for how tight that ass probably was. I opened the jar and dipped my two fingers in it. She asked what I was doing, and I told her that she would see and trust me. Then I slid my fingers between her cheeks and slid them up and down, coating her with it. Then I let my finger discover her tight little asshole. She tensed up, but with excitement. She drew her breath in, and I decided to proceed. I slowly circled the opening and pressed lightly until my finger sunk in. After that, I immediately began working the second finger in.

I spent just a moment twisting my fingers around and pushing in and out before she seemed ready. Then, I pulled my fingers out slowly and grabbed the vibrator. I began sliding the tip up and down over her asshole. Finally, I rested it directly at the opening of her asshole. Then I pulled away. I went back to my drawer and pulled out a rabbit vibrator and told her to fuck herself with it first. She obeyed. She slowly began working the rabbit into her pussy. Once it was in, she started to pump it and arch her hips against it. I loved observing how turned on she grew. I knew a good chunk of it was the ass play too.

Once she looked like she was getting close to cumming, I picked up the glass vibrator.

I made her lie on her side, facing away from me. I told her to pull her knees up. The redirection helped pull her away from cumming too. Then, I pressed the vibrator right up against the tight, puckered opening of her ass, And lightly pressed while twisting it left and right. It slowly sank into her. I began pumping in deep, short pumps, to stretch out the deeper parts. Then, I gradually increased the length of my strokes until I was almost pulling out and shoving back in again. Then I did that. All the way out, letting her asshole close up, then pressing back in again. Each time parting her hole with more force and making it feel rawer and used.

I watched as her tight little rosebud puckered up, and I could tell that she was cumming. I kept my speed strong and consistent even though I felt her asshole grip the vibrator over and over as she came. She pulled the vibrator out, and pussy juices leaked down her thighs. I think I got her addicted to lesbian ass play.

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