My friend expressed to me that she had never been sexy toy shopping, which was unacceptable!

If you are my friend, at some point in your life, you will have to go sex toy shopping, or I will drag you with me. We were talking about the kinds of toys we had, and I expressed that I had a tremendous amount that only grew larger. She told me that she had this old clunky jelly rabbit that was given to her. When I saw it, I was like, “Oh, hell no.” I looked up sex stores near us, but unfortunately, I lived out in the middle of nowhere. We drove for about an hour and a half to the nearest mall, which had a sex store. I spent forever trying to find the nearest one. She began to look nervous as we approached the store — the look of an un-liberated woman.

A repressed girl. Not on my watch, that’s for damn sure. I walked in there as confident and composed as I usually am. The attendant asked to see my license to make sure  I was old enough, as they typically do. This terrified my friend, but I reassured her and began looking around and picking things up to slip her out of her cozy little comfort zone. Finally, she began to poke around with genuine curiosity. I knew this would happen. All girls love sex toys. There is something for everyone, just like in porn. I led her over to the more modern/ expensive section. Toys here ranged from a fifty-dollar minimum to like a four thousand dollar maximum.

The stuff in the thousands was mostly grandiose furniture and machinery.

I found her a must-have wand, of course. Then, she found this cute little double penetration vibrator. I convinced her to also pick up a vibrating anal toy, a thick vibrating dildo, and a cute little modern-looking rabbit. It was not the same rabbit. This one was sleek and smooth with only the best silicon, and only the highest functioning motors. It also had a charging port instead of stupid batteries, which drain so quickly! We racked up quite the bill at that place and popped by my home to survey the purchases. My friend loved them. She seemed so excited and then said, “I kinda want to use these like right now.”

This was a surprising thing for her to say, but she was in the midst of her sexual revolution. All that I could do was encourage her!  I told her that I could help if she wanted me too. She said that she did, but she felt too embarrassed. We turned the lights down and picked three toys to use at once. Why not go all out? I oiled up the butt plug vibrator and slowly worked it into her ass. Then, I teased her by sliding it in and out of that tight little rosebud, until I pushed it real far and just left it there. Then, I told her to flip over so that she laid on her back. I turned on the wand for her and began to rub her little clit with it. She was visibly wet already! This made me grow super horny.

First, I flipped her on her side and laid behind her.

Then, I took the big, juicy, vibrating dildo and pressed it between her legs. I moved it right over her pussy hole and just left it to grow wet with her juices. Then, I spread those little pink lips and began working it in. Inch by inch, painfully slow, until I felt that the dildo would not fit any further. Then I fucked her with long and steady strokes. Her pussy grew tighter, and I could tell that she was close to cumming. I felt her bear down on the vibrating wand, which affirmed my theory. My strokes grew faster, and I increased my force. I heard her gasp, and her breathing went heavy. Finally, she squealed and came all over the dildo.

Our sexy toy shopping experience did not go as planned. Needless to say, though, the sexy toy shopping session did go quite well. A meeting to remember.

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