Bob and I went to our favorite sports bar one night to watch the Oregon Ducks football game and drink lots of beer.  We were pretty drunk when to my delight, a young, good looking guy sat at the bar right next to me.

I looked at Bob and licked my lips.  Bob laughed and leaned over to whisper, “Got your eye on him, Sabrina?”  I whispered back, “Hell yes! Look at him!”

He had dark hair and emerald green eyes.  His body was perfectly chiseled, I could see it clearly under his very tight black tshirt.  He caught me staring at him and smiled politely.  Not to miss a beat, I leaned over to him.  “My name’s Sabrina.”  He shook my hand firmly.  “I’m Noah.”

I put my arm on Bob’s hand.  “This is my boyfriend, Bob.”  They shook hands and we spent the next half hour getting to know each other.  The more drunk I got, the more I was dying to find out what Noah’s cock tasted like.  I kept looking at the front of his pants to get an idea as to the size of him, but I wasn’t able to get a good read on it.  Bob kept buying round after round.   He seemed to like young Noah and Noah seemed to really hit it off with Bob as well.

Finally, Noah sighed.  “It’s a good thing I walked here. I’d be too drunk to drive home.”

He told us that he lived a few blocks away, close to the university.  We told him that Bob’s place was also a short walk away, in the other direction.   Of course, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to own Noah for the night.  “Why don’t you come over to Bob’s?  We have more beer in the fridge.  The night is young…”

“Sure.”  Noah smiled at Bob.  Bob paid the tab and off we went.   We drunkenly walked to Bob’s apartment and once inside, we kicked off our shoes and I went into the kitchen to grab a few more beers.   About the fourth time I went into the kitchen to get another round, I heard Bob say to Noah, “Hey, you’re a really decent guy and Sabrina is obviously into you.  If you want to fuck her, man, help yourself!”

Noah looked up at me as I walked back into the living and handed them another beer.  I smiled gratefully to Bob for opening up the topic of Noah and I fucking.  “Well, Sabrina is a beautiful woman, probably one of the most beautiful I’ve seen.”  I smiled sweetly at him.

“But…” he continued and looked back at Bob.  “It’s not Sabrina I came back here to hook up with.”

Bob and I looked at Noah, then at each other, then back at Noah, who shifted in his chair, looking a bit uncertain.  “If you’re not into that, I’m sorry…” he started to say to Bob.

“No, no, no!” I interjected.  “He’s INTO it.”

Bob looked at me in surprise.  “Am I?”

“Yes.”  I stood up knowing I had to take control of this situation.  “Bob, take off your clothes.  Noah, you too.”

They stood up obediently and undressed.  They stood facing each other and I saw that Noah’s dick was already stiff like a rod and to my delight, he was at least 9 inches long.

“Noah…nice cock.” I said approvingly.  Noah smiled and looked at Bob.

“Bob’s cock is pretty nice too,” Noah said, “I would love to wrap my hand and lips around it, lick it and suck it for you.”  As he spoke, I saw that Bob’s cock stood right up and soon they looked like they were about to sword fight.  I stood close by as they faced each other.  Bob seemed very unsure about what to do.  I reached out and took Bob’s cock in my hand and then I did the same to Noah.  I tugged on each cock gently and led them towards one another until they were almost nose to nose and tip to tip.

Noah kissed Bob and as soon as I saw their tongues start to swirl around each other, my panties got wet.  Without really thinking about it, I started to massage both dicks simultaneously and when I saw the boys reacting to that, I put more effort into it.  I massaged, I squeezed, I twisted, I pulled. I rubbed my thumbs on each cock tip and felt all of that sticky precum dripping out of them.  I took the dick heads and pushed them together, head to head and started to rub against the other.

Each man moaned as I did this and their kissing became more energetic.  I squirmed as I watched them.  My clit was quivering like mad and I knew that I could probably cum if I just pressed my thighs together a few times.  But I would wait…

I put my hand on Bob’s shoulder and he pulled his lips away from Noah’s and looked inquisitively at me.  I lowered myself to my knees and pushed his shoulders down as I did so, silently instructing him to get on his knees with me.  He complied and watched as I took Noahs’ dick in both my hands and stroked his dick as if i was rubbing a stick together to start a fire.  I then handed his dick to Bob and he did the same for a minute before opening his mouth and placing that lovely cock on his tongue.

I have to say, I was very impressed with Bob’s cock sucking abilities.  He must pay very close attention to the way I suck his cock because he was using all of my techniques.  This meant, of course, that Noah was in paradise.  He was standing there, thrusting his hips forward and holding Bob’s head, moaning and saying “fuck, fuck, fuck” over and over.  Bob really got into it, sucking that cock with gusto!

When Noah started to cum, Bob began pulling his mouth away but I quickly put my hand on the back of his head and pushed it forward.  “No, baby…you’re swallowing that.” I informed him.  Bob’s eyes widened but he began sucking harder and  I watched as he swallowed the load of cum that was injected into his mouth and throat.  He gulped it down like a trooper and even gave Noah’s cock a few extra pulls just to make sure he got every drop.  I pressed my thighs together and orgasmed right along with Noah, shuddering and rocking my hips, savoring the waves of pleasure going through my body as I gazed at Bob with a mouthful of cock.

Noah bent over and kissed Bob and then he kissed me.  “That was a superb blow job, Bob… really.”  he said.

Bob smiled, delighted.  “Well, Sabrina is a really good teacher.”

I am happy to help fill the world with excellent cock suckers, one blow job at a time.



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