My Boss Had  Some Kinky Ideas

This is one of my fun true sex stories that I have that I like to share with special callers. My boss has kind of a thing for me. And not long after I started to work for him he asked

true sex stories with Gisele

if I’d be interested in doing “extra things” for more money. And I asked what kind of extra things he had in mind. The first time he asked if he could spank me for money and I agreed. It didn’t take long, and it was nice to get that extra money I wanted. Then a few months later, he next asked if I’d do a striptease for him in his office after work. I didn’t have a problem with that either, so agreed.

Then last week he said he’d give me the biggest bonus he had. But this task was going to require a bit more out of me than spanking and a striptease had. I said to go on, I was listening. He then pointed to a box on the corner of his desk and told me to open it.

He Had A Special Toy He Wanted Me To Use

I opened it and inside was one of those huge Hitachi Magic Wand sex toys. And I looked back at him and he had this silly grin on his face from ear to ear. He said he wanted to watch me use it in front of him and bring myself to orgasm. I didn’t know what to say. It looked like this was going to become one of those true sex stories you hear girls talk about with their boss sometimes.. He then told me how much he’d be willing to pay me, and I said yes, I would do it.

He told me to go into the next room and there was some lingerie in there waiting for me. So I went in, undressed and put it on. Black stockings, black stilettos, a fire engine red corset and matching panties. It was a beautiful and sexy outfit. I went mincing back into his office and locked the door behind me. He’d taken this time to plug in the magic wand. And it was sitting ready to go on the corner of the desk. He’d poured himself a drink and was sitting back in his chair waiting for me to begin masturbating for him.

This Was A Powerful Toy With A Loud Buzz

I took it off the desk and got down on the floor and laid myself out and turned it on. It was quite a loud buzz, and then placed it over the crotch of my panties. It was a very powerful vibe and I soon felt myself getting wet from its intensity. There was now a growing wet patch on the crotch of my panties. It did feel good, there’s no denying it.

I Share True Sex Stories For My Best Callers

And I looked over at him and could see the bulge in his pants making the fabric around his cock tight. After that He told me to remove the panties and give them to him.  I tossed them over to him. And he put them under his nose and smelled them as I continued to use the want on my wet pussy. I was nearing orgasm from the vibe when he commanded me to cum. I exploded in orgasm as he told me to. And I shuddered and my thighs quaked from the power of how strong an orgasm it was. I swear he jizzed in his pants when I came. It was really easy money and I’d be happy to do it again any time.   It has been my favorite one of my true sex stories that’s ever taken place in an office, for sure.

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