This Secretary  The Boss Relaxed Knows How To Get

So I got this job not long ago as a secretary and it’s fine. A nice office and co workers, good looking boss. He has a high stress position in the company, but he’s well compensated for it. Besides, He’s asked me a few times to rub his shoulders when I had a spare moment or two. Since his shoulders were just in knots. And I didn’t mind, he was a nice man and obviously quite stressed about all the pressure he was under. And I got a naughty idea and as I was rubbing his shoulders. As I leaned down and whispered into his ear I knew what would really relieve some of his stress. Then he asked what, and I said my pussy.

He Groaned In Pleasuregisele dirty secretary

He spun around with a shocked look on his face. And I did not even give him the chance to speak. I got down on my knees in front of his desk, unzipped his pants and took out his cock. Then I started to suck on it. And  He literally groaned with pleasure as I fellatated him right there in the office.And  I was the slutty office secretary come to life, with my boss’s dick down my throat. And I could already feel his tension melting away as I sucked and I slurped away on his meaty cock.

He Worked My Cunt Hard

As I stood up and bent over his desk, pulled my skirt up over my hips. And pulled my panty crotch to the side and he took the invitation willingly. So slid in all the way up to the balls. So He worked my cunt hard, the entire desk was shaking he was fucking me so aggressively, and I must say, And  I loved every minute of it. And it sounds so cliche, the secretary getting fucked in the office by her boss. But I was thoroughly enjoying it and I knew he’d feel more relaxed after wards.

I Was Feeling Filthy

And He whispered to me and asked how dirty I was feeling and I said filthy. I then felt him withdraw his cock from my pussy and shove it balls deep into my ass. And I gasped at the sensation of feeling him invade my tight ass. But I’d told him I was feeling filthy, so I got what I asked for, and then some. And I relaxed as best I could and he was really stroking it in and out of me. And cupping my tits and outright pinching my nipples. As I was grunting and he reached around and was manipulating my clit and I came hard. Then he thrust a few more times and filled me with his seed, right up my puckered asshole.

I Felt Like The Little Office Whore

As he pulled his dick out and fell back in his chair. And I was a crumpled heap on the floor. He smiled at me and thanked me and said what a good secretary I was and how I was such a calming influence to him. I returned his smile and said anytime. And I felt like a little office whore, but I did enjoy my fuck over the desk. That was for sure. And I think he will now look to me to be his little relaxation tool, and I won’t mind one bit.
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