True Sex Stories: I was getting ready for another long night shift at the hospital.

Those of you who can appreciate true sex stories will enjoy this. These long twelve-hour shifts were really cramping my style and my sex life. I was particularly horny that night but didn’t have time to masturbate before work. I had a shower and I got dressed in my usual attire…white stockings, a garter, and my white uniform. After pulling my long blonde hair into a ponytail, I was ready.

I got the report from the previous shift and went to check on my patients.  As usual most of my patients were over eighty years old, an elderly lady who just had an appendectomy, an elderly man with a broken hip, and so on.  I got a new admission a thirty-year-old man with broken arms,  he had fallen down an embankment and was covered in dirt. I gave him some pain meds and after they took effect I took a warm washcloth and started to clean the dirt from his skin. First his face, then chest and back, his firm tanned skin was so muscular…. I felt myself enjoying this. I felt my mind wandering, thinking about all the different Fetishes I love.

True Sex Stories: Pulling the sheet down, I saw he had a beautiful big hard-on.

Pulling the sheet down, I noticed he had a beautiful big hard-on.  Washing his cock,  he was looking into my eyes. I tried to look away and do my job,  cleaning his cock, but it just got harder. I was losing control. Soon I was stroking his hard cock with my bare hands. My mouth went down to his cock, I licked it and sucked it so good. I took it as deep in my mouth as I could handle, his hard cock was pulsating in my mouth.  He came in my mouth and I enjoyed every drop, the taste of his sweet cum was intoxicating.

It was now my turn. I got him hard again and I jumped up on the bed straddling him. I rode that hard cock as I rubbed my clit until we both exploded in orgasm.

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