Fetishes:I have found many men enjoy the idea of a medical visit that takes a kinky turn

Fetishes: Being a Phone Sex Mistress requires many different abilities and knowledge in many areas of fetish play. I am also a Registered Nurse which comes in handy for many different fetishes.  One of my favorite callers has a dominant nurse and medical fetish. We love to role play together.

The room was dressed in clinical sheets, the pungent smell of disinfectant was in the air. A tray of medical instruments was set on a cabinet and I was dressed in a nurse’s white uniform. My long luxurious hair was pinned up in a bun.  Also, I wore a pair of glasses.

My patient entered the exam room and he sat down on the bed.

Then I fastened his arms and ankles into the restraints to begin my examination. Testing sensation, sensitivity, and reaction to stimuli. His fetish has become very hardcore for him.  There were urethral sounds, and spreaders, and speculums even injections. It seems every time we talk we add more kinks to our hot calls. I have found many men enjoy the idea of a medical visit that takes a kinky turn. I am always down for making some Erotic Sex Stories at work!

Do you have a latex fetish? Enema play or do you simply love an invasive prostate massage? Are your balls useless? Do you need to be castrated? I do it all and I do it well!

These are just a few types of sexy fetishes though. There are so many naughty fetishes to experience with me. I love a challenge. Do you think your kink is too strange or do you think it’s too weird? Trust me, no one will ever know it, Just you and me.  Let’s do it! Call me.

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