Remembering Some Of My Escort Adventures

Let me tell you about some of my true sex stories. After I finished college, I could not find a job in my chosen field. I did not want to flip burgers or be a barista in some coffee shop while waitrue sex stories and CJting fort he right job. And a friend of mine had told me what she had done while she waited to find the right job. She had worked as a high end

escort. And if I was interested, she would give me the name of the woman that owned the agency she’d worked with. I was a bit embarrassed to do so. I took the info and gave the woman a call later that very night and went in to see her the next day.

She said when we met she felt I could do well. And stay in this business as long as I chose to do so. She said they had a very high end clientele and some of the men could be very generous in showing their appreciation. I got my first booking the next night. I was unsure what to expect. But she said she’d hook me up with a fairly mild guy so as not to overwhelm me at the start.

He was a nice looking middle aged business man. Apparently in the jewelry business and he liked to bring little trinkets for the girls he saw. He did indeed have a little velvet box he gave me after I let him in the hotel room he was to come to. It was just a fine chain with a small, but classy pendant on it. It was very sweet of him to do that. And he treated me like a queen the whole night and was a perfect gentleman. We had sex,I gave him a long wet,sexy blow job.I licked his balls And I gave him a good tight fuck.I wanted to impress.And he was definitely into me. And it was nice. This was the first of my true sex stories being an escort.

Some of the other clients were also wealthy, but some were rough, and kind of hard core. Many guys had requests like for me to dress up in a school girl uniform and to act really young. Another client wanted me to spank him bare assed. Most guys were from out of town and just looking for some good sex. One of the odder true sex stories I have from that time, was this man that came in wearing a diaper. And he wanted me to change it. He wet himself, thank God that’s all. And he wanted me to clean him up as he sucked his thumb, jerk him off, powder him and re diaper him. No intercourse, just a hand job and a diaper change.

True Sex Stories Are The Best

Another of the clients was really into pussy licking. He just wanted me to sit on his face and let him lick me. And truth be told, he was good at it . And he really did make me cum every single time I saw him. It was no put on act for him. He knew what he was doing when he licked a pussy. And I always looked forward to his appointments. Some of the true sex stories I have are funny, some are odd, some of them are sweet, like the kinder clients I’d get, but they are all memorable in their own way. c.J. gives the very best phone sex

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