I Had A Chance To Make A Lot Of Money As An Escort

This acquaintance of mine, I like her but didn’t really know her that well. She asked me if I’d come and talk to her about something private. I had no idea what on earth it could be as I didn’t know her that well. She said she totally understood if I wanted to say no but she had to ask me. I was really curious now what on earth it could be. She said she actually ran a high class boutique escort agency. And had been offered a New Year’s Eve very profitable gig, but she had a problem. I was still in shock at her doing this and me having no clue about it. I then asked her what the issue was. And she said she was one girl short for this large party and would I consider filling in?

 When She Told Me How Much I Was Speechless

I had never considered such a proposition before. But I did have my eye on a new car I really wanted. I asked what kind of pay this evening might bring and when she told me. I was speechless. It would pay in one night over two months of my regular salary. I’d have almost enough to get the car with what I’d saved so far .If I did this gig for a night as an escort. She assured me these men were all pre screened, disease free, and upper scale gentlemen. I said I’d do it. She even assured me no one would know it was me. Since all the ladies would be wearing masks that evening, no clothes, but masks.

I Had Nothing To Lose

 Casey as an escort
I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  So I arrived at the party in a coat with nothing on underneath it wearing my mask. The room was filled with businessmen looking types and many nude women wandering around. I wasn’t there long before I was shown into a room with a distinguished older man and I asked him what I could do for him and he said he wanted his cock sucked. Simple enough, I got down on the floor and sucked his cock and fondled his balls and soon had a mouthful of his cum to swallow. He then zipped up and left.I felt Kind of slutty but kind of hot in a way.
A few minutes later as I was wondering around again. I was shown into another room with a younger man and he told me to get on my hands and knees. And he was going to fuck me from behind. I got down and my hair was soon grabbed up in his hand like a rein. And he was pushing his cock into my waiting cunt. And he slapped my ass a few times as well until he shot his load deep into me.
I cleaned up in the ensuite bathroom afterwards and was soon back out in the main party room. This continued until the wee hours of the morning and I was fucked in total by seven men and gave blow jobs to five. I did feel like a used woman, but a couple months pay for one night was worth it. I might consider being an escort more often.
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