I’m a nympho freak full of crazy sex stories!

I can’t help it, I am just naughty to the core. It’s like all the other kinky freaks can tell just by looking at me, I give them a smile and then the next thing you know– we are boning! Fucking in some crazy way in some crazy place adding to my long list of crazy sex stories. I love telling these stories, giving my guys the perfect phone sex porn that they need.

Today was was one of those days.

I’ve been checking out my post man for weeks, finding a reason to go outside and chat with him whenever he comes by with my mail. He’s young, fit and a little shy- my favorite. I love to tease and play with shy guys, pushing buttons until I get him to CUM out of his shell…

While making conversation with this morning, I noticed him checking out my tits! I was wearing a really tight and low cut top and my nipples were rock hard, it was a little chilly out and the girls just didn’t want to behave. Apparently, he didn’t want to behave either– he couldn’t take his eyes away! It was kind of ridiculous so I had to tease him about it. Pushing my tits together and walking towards him I asked, “what are you looking at??” He immediately started to blush and turned his head away, but I kept walking towards him until my chest was pressed up against him.

All that teasing must have turned him on! I felt his dick get rock hard against my thigh as he turned bright red. I could tell that he was a BIG boy, which made my pussy start to throb. So I had to get a look…

I pushed him into the back of the open mail truck, unbuckling his uniform pants and pulling the zipper down.

He gasped and asked what I was doing but I just kept teasing him, “isn’t this what you wanted? Your cock certainly doesn’t seem to mind…” rubbing my hands up his thighs and grabbing onto his dick.

He moaned out loud and his half-ass protests quickly stopped.

I sucked his cock until he came hard in my mouth, the door to his work truck was wide open so anyone could have seen us! Luckily, we didn’t get caught. Damn, his dick tasted so good I want to do it ALL over again.

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