Sometimes SEXUAL CONFESSIONS come from the most unexpected places. First of all, I knew damned well I had no business taking my ass back over to the Parish Trailer Park where I spent a good deal of my life. Strangely enough, it’s still the one place I run back to for comfort.  Southern comfort that is.  The kind that only comes from seeing my old friends.

I don’t know why, but I get an itch sometimes that only men like Billy can scratch for me. And I know that when I go back there, there’s any number of good ol’ boys ready to lay it all on the line for an ass like mine!  Hell, some of the girls back there wait in line just to get a suck on these big tits and hot pussy,  Nothing beats goin’ home.

‘Make me an offer’ is what I get to say again.

Another sexual confession is that I use to peddle my ass to anyone who wanted it and could give me a little leg up, if you will. For now, I’m near the top of the food chain, so to speak.  Funny, how I longed to get to the penthouse; and now, all I want is to be back home getting the juice fucked out of me.  I recall days when I’d fuck the sons all day while skipping school and then fucking their daddies all night. A whore? Sure. Maybe.  But, the best damn whore Parish or any other park ever saw.  I knew my business then, and I know it now.  What business? Sex, of course!  anal sex, throat-fucking, pussy worship. You name it. And I’d do it in front of anyone.

Sexual confessions are a bonus

I had to build up quite the repertoire to have enough experience to warrant actual sexual confessions.  How do they make me feel to confess? Oh, Darlin’. I feel like a queen!  If you think I sit around crying about my exploits, you’re wrong. Every crazy, sensual journey makes me tingle with power.

My pussy has ached to be used since I can remember and the things I’ve taught my boy are some of the best times of my life.  I may be a hayseed, but I know what I’m working with.  There ain’t a truck stop between North Carolina and Washington state that I haven’t peddled my wares.

Happy customers all around

I’ve made porn with some of the best and some of the sleaziest and when I tell ya I’ve done it all. You can for sure believe me. And you know what? All my costars love me.  They’re like family.  And you know I never met a family member I wouldn’t fuck. So, what the fuck is wrong with my husband?

He did everything perfectly to get me, the trophy wife.  And then, Mr. Invisible.  Always working and never fucking. At least not me.  I’ve reverted back to my younger years. And, I’m fuckin’ everyone I can.  He’d just fall over and die if he had an inkling of what I do, but he deserves it.

I go young, Honey.

Generally speaking, I believe I may well have invented the term, teen phone sex. I’ve been doing it a long time now, Darlin’ and no one beats what I’ll give you.  In the meantime, if you want every salacious detail of how I got to be so randy, then you need to call and ask me.  I’ll end these sexual confessions, for now. But, I can’t keep my horniness a secret one little bit. Let me share every detail.

For the best phone sex, come and taste the new girl at the kingdom and get set on fire!

Hot Phone Sex