Touching yourself a Little too much, huh?

“Ughhhh, No… I’m Already Late!” There I was, on the side of the highway with a fucking flat and no spare. I grabbed my phone and called a friend of mine that knew just who to call. It was hot, and I was beginning to get a little pissed. I think I even tried singing that touching Allstate song. Jeeeeeezuz Christ!!! Where was this guy?

A few minutes later he pulled up, hopped out of the truck. Covered in grease. There was something sexy about this tattoo covered knight in shining tow-truck. My Mood kind of changed instantly. I reached in my purse so I could hand him my credit card, and oh fuck! I left my wallet on my dresser.

Then I walked up to him and began pleading my case. ” I’m so sorry Chris…(looking at his name patch) I forgot my wallet, and I don’t have any cash, but if you change my tire I PROMISE this afternoon I will come by whatever address you give me and pay you”

He grinned, looking down at his clipboard. “Ummm, Ma’am I really wish I could help you, but you see my boss man already knows I’m out here, and If I don’t bring him something back showing where you paid me, I could get fired- That won’t look good on me, you know?”

I was late Meeting my friends, now I had a flat fucking tire and no fucking wallet. What was I going to do?

“How much will it be to change it?” I asked.

“40 Bucks,” He said.

I can’t believe the thought even crossed my mind. Mid Day, on the side of the fuckin highway. Before I even had a chance to convince myself otherwise. I saw the grease on the front of his jeans, either he had to adjust himself quite often, or he liked touching himself.

“Can we talk in your truck for a minute, it’s so hot out here, and I’ve been out here forever?” I said.

He opened the passenger door for me and walked around stepping up on his side and slamming the door behind him. “That air feels good, doesn’t it? The Carolina heat can really get to you” he said, scribbling something down on his clipboard.

” Apparently that isn’t all that feels good,” I said kind of pissy.

“Excuse me?” he shot me a look.

“Well, I was just noticing the front of your pants, and either you have a problem finding a place to wipe your hands or you really like the way you feel” I oozed attitude.

His face reddened, a little embarrassed.

” Now, What I think you and I should do, is take care of this little 40 dollar matter. Seeing as how you like touching yourself so much, and I love a nice hard cock, maybe we could take things out in trade, what do you think?”


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