After shrinking down and tormenting daddy the first time, I was already up for round two.

I was far from finished with tormenting daddy, contrary to what he wanted to believe. He was my toy now. Nothing but a pathetic little plaything. I loved it. The power. His suffering. All of it turned me on and made me wet. I knew that daddy feared for his life after I shrunk him down and sucked my boyfriend’s cock with him in my mouth. I even wore him in my stinky shoes all day. After that, I gave him a good night’s rest. I let him sleep in my old makeup case. After all, what choice did he have? I just zipped him right up in there! It wasn’t like he could unzip it himself. I unzipped him bright and early Saturday morning.

Time to begin tormenting daddy. Saturdays meant ballet practice. I couldn’t trust him to be roaming around, and if he yelled for help, my mom would hear. So, I popped him right between my toes and slipped on my ballet tights. Then, I slid on my ballet shoes and went off. We were performing soon, so it was a five-hour practice—a long day. I was on my feet most of the time. They were so sweaty by the time we finished. They usually are. But, my night was not over yet! I got invited to a slumber party and was so excited that I forgot all about daddy. When I got to my friend’s house, I pulled some clothes out of my gym bag to dress in, and as I stripped down, I saw.

Covered in my sweat was a very grumpy daddy.

His clothes were soaked. Oopsies. I pulled him out from between my toes and gave him a little shake. He looked a bit overheated and disheveled. I had an idea—time for more tormenting daddy. I cupped my hands and walked out of the bathroom. Then, I drew the girls’ attention to me. I told them to look at what I had. They peeked at my hands, and I slowly opened them like I had caught a ladybug. There stood/wobbled my shrunk down little pathetic daddy. One of them said ew and pinched her nose. Another drew close and asked me what it was. The other just gasped and stared. I told them it was my daddy. I said that he told me no and that I shrunk him down to use him forever.

They all grew very excited, and I asked if they wanted to join in tormenting daddy. They squealed gleefully. This was going to be fun! I pulled out a vibrator from my bag and told the girls that I had something fun planned. We took some athletic tape (rather absorbant) and taped him to the head of the vibrator. Then, I slid down my panties, and he protested with whatever energy he had left. I heard his protests grow faint as I stuffed the vibrator in my pussy. Slowly, I pulled it out, and all the girls squealed as he gasped. Then back in. Then, I pulled it out and turned the vibrator on. His whole body rumbled and shook. I began pumping myself with it fervently. In and out and in and out.

Finally, I came all over the vibrator and pulled it out.

Our game of tormenting daddy had just begun. I passed him off to my other friend, who pulled down her shorts and panties and stuffed him right in. Then, she clicked the vibrator on again and fucked herself for at least thirty minutes with it. She squirted all over the vibrator. Daddy’s body just hung there, all soggy and floppy looking. Then, she passed him off to the next girl. She inspected him and tapped his head with her finger to make sure my other friend didn’t drown him in her squirt juices. He coughed and protested. Then, she pulled aside her g string from under her skirt and stuffed daddy in. She fucked herself for only a few minutes before she came and passed him off to the last of us.

Finally, the last girl grabbed the vibrator and turned it on. Then, she fucked herself hard with it. Daddy must have been really shaken up.

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