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My love for anal began when I was a virgin. An ex-boyfriend convinced me to let him fuck me in the ass by saying: “you know your birthday is coming up, you said you wanted to lose your virginity, I wouldn’t want you to feel any pain on your birthday. I want to please you.”

Naïve and horny, I completely let him sell me on the idea. He began to kiss me softly all over and began stuffing his cock in between my ass cheeks, making sure that I was breathing and relaxed, as he slowly began to shove his cock into my tiny tight hole.

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The experience left me to become an anal sex fiend, it’s all I ever crave! Like how hot would it be if you came over and just surprised stuffed this tiny tight hole so deep that my eyes popped out! I would squeal so loudly begging for you to fill me up. 

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After I see that I’m dripping anal cum on the floor, I finally feel satisfied. I can concentrate in school, and even get some great sleep! The problem is that it’s only a temporary high. That’s why I’ve been going to school with an anal plug shoved up my tiny little ass lately. It’s so cute! It has a pretty sparkly diamond that shines from the opening of my asshole.  

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