What I thought was a just a fun party ended with some crazy anal sex

The changing of seasons is always a favorite time of mine. Fresh starts, new beginnings… You get the idea. So, when I was invited to an end-of-the-summer party by a guy I’ve been casually dating, I was all ready to celebrate the transition.  I didn’t expect I would also get some crazy anal sex during the party too!

I will never say no to crazy anal sex

In fact, I think about it all the time. There is something about being penetrated so deeply. Or maybe it’s the fact that it is considered taboo. However, I am all for it.  If you were to go through my web browser, you would see that most of the porn I watch involves crazy anal sex in some capacity. I just can’t get enough. And of course I’ve been the recipient of some strap on fun.

On the way to the party, crazy anal sex came up in conversation

As usual, I was ready to tease my date the whole day. I saw him admiring my ass in my tight tiny jeans shorts as I slipped into the passenger seat. Naturally, I directed the conversation and started talking about the fun we had the night before. Now, my date has never mentioned wanting anal sex. But the night before, when we were fucking in my bedroom, he slipped his finger into my tight little asshole. So, maybe crazy anal sex was his thing too! I mentioned that I really liked that he had done that. And hinted that I might be into something more.

Once we got to the party, the fun really started

After a few drinks and some socializing, I was feeling very horny.  I was scanning the party looking for my date.  I walked outside where a few people were lounging by the pool.   When I saw him, I felt my pussy get wet.  He locked eyes with me and gestured with his head towards a little cabana in the back of the yard.  I didn’t except crazy anal sex.  But I knew I was going to get something!

Were we really going to have crazy anal sex at a party?

We met at the cabana and snuck in unnoticed.  He locked the door behind us.  Immediately, he grabbed me and kissed me, reaching around and squeezing my ass.  I didn’t waste any time and put my hand right where I wanted:  his cock.  I could feel how hard he was already.  Frenzied, I started unbuckling his belt and pulling his shorts down.  And he went right for the buttons of my jean shorts and yanked them down as well, revealing my little black thong.  His fingers went right for my wet pussy.

I didn’t care that we were at a party, I needed him now

He turned me around and moved my panties to the side.  His throbbing cock pressed against my asshole briefly before he moved it down to my pussy.  He rubbed his cock along my pussy lips getting the tip nice and wet before he pushed himself inside my pussy.  I was ready for some hardcore fucking.  But he had a different idea.  He got his cock wet inside my pussy. Then he pulled it out.  And slid it right up my ass cheeks.  I knew he wanted that crazy anal sex!

With one quick movement, he was inside

I didn’t even have a chance to gasp before he shoved his hard cock right into my tight asshole.  He reached his hand around and covered my mouth so I wouldn’t make noise.  And he pounded into my tiny hole.  But I loved it just as much as he did.  And pressed my ass back against him, letting that cock get as deep as it could in my asshole.  I couldn’t wait for him to fill up my tight ass with cum.  It only took a few more thrusts before I felt him shoot his hot load deep inside of me.

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