One night me and a few of my friends were at my place hanging out. I like to go on Tinder and just play around chatting with some new faces.

It wasn’t the weekend or anything, I think this was a Tuesday night. So we just sit around like always goofing around on Tinder when we get bored we started up the truth and dare games. We shared a lot of truths about fucking our professors, or public sex. You know shit like that! In the middle of our little game, my guy friend calls my phone and starts joking with us about the kinds of dares we should do.

With him being a guy he automatically pulls the sex dares out. I can say that I have kissed all of my girlfriends and guy friends and I have seen all of them nake but nothing more. One of his dares was for my friend Bria to fuck herself with a dildo in front of everyone. I didn’t think that she would do it but she got right all and got one of mine. She didn’t take anything off, she was wearing a long black skirt with slits up the sides and a black crop top long sleeve. She laid down in the middle of the floor and after pulling her red thong panties to the side, slide the dildo in her bold pussy and started pounding it until she came.

Hot right? Now a circle of dares is going on and the now everyone is facetiming with someone. Everyone has had at least two dares ranging from strapon, how far can you put the dildo in your mouth and more

My friend who’s on my phone can hear all of my messages from my Tinder and asks me about it.

With a wicked smile on his face, he says that my next dare is to fuck the next bing from tinder. OMG! I’m sitting there laughing and then my tinder goes off. I see a muscular, six foot, nicely dressed, great looking black guy. He says “hi pretty” and I say “let hook up”. Did I mention that I love excitement? We got it down to where we will meet and my friend went with me and our facetime guys went as well.

I and Mr. Tinder met at a hotel a mile away. He got the room and was in the lobby waiting. This guy looked better than his picture. So big and strong, light colored eyes, nice pink lips. He wore jogging pants and a white t-shirt and I can swear I saw his dick print through them. In a raspy voice, he says “let’s take it to the room”.

Now the dare was to fuck a Tinder guy in front of my friends.

I went through explaining the dare that I was given. He greeted everyone and then looked at me with a warm smile and said well let us go. There were two beds in the room and most of my friends piled on there. There rest sit on the dresser and in chairs that were also there. I was taken by surprise at how he just jumped right in. His plush lips caressed mine and boy did it do something to me.

As we kissed his lips started to trail down to my pants. Mr. Tinder yanked them off so fast and then ripped my panties off after. Then he went straight for my ass too. He turned me on all fours and buried his face right in between my ass. He vigorously tongued my ass and as he did so he gripped and stroked and massaged it so good. Right in the middle of him worshipping my ass my friend throws a condom over. Mr. Tinder hadn’t taken off his pants yet so I didn’t know what he was working with. He did grab that condom and stood straight up and slid those pants off. He was average with and length but he had an enormous mushroom head. I’ve never even seen a sex toy that shape. That cock was so gorgeous and started to make my cunt dip.

Everyone in the room gasped. That shit is ENORMOUS!!

He took me by my ankles and slid me to the edge of the bed. When he kneeled down and started to slide the head of his cock in me I jumped back. He pulled me back and whispered, “I’m gonna make you take his cock” to me. He laid his body on me and pushed the huge head of his cock into my pussy and it was a tight fit. His style of fucking was to push his cock all the way into my dripping pussy and then pull it all of the way out, every stroke was like that.

I guess it’s the size of his cock, mainly the head of it but after eight strokes I started cumming and he kept fucking me. The only other position I did was cow-girl. He liked stroking me the same way when I got on top, the only difference was he loved going balls deeps and holding me tight on his cock. My girlfriend shouted that I’m getting real BBC sexy phone sex operator, “let’s hear you moan louder”. That just made him slam my pussy harder. This is the one time I was so happy for it to be over. Hahahaha, that cock is something I wasn’t used to but good! ….I do have more to tell about Mr. Tinder. BBC phone sex is one that really sends those exciting chills up my spine.

I have more real-life stories to tell. I want to hear yours too. Stay tuned for much much more. Here and on my SoundCloud, I can’t wait to hear from you.