Tight young teen takes rough treatment from her Daddy!

Tight young teen takes rough treatment from her Daddy! Daddy came into my room late last night. Mommy wasn’t home! Daddy was drunk and angry! He had a belt and spanked me with it but that wasn’t enough. Daddy ripped off my clothes and threw me to the bed on my stomach. Binding my arms behind me I was crying and I could not move. Pulling up on the belt to cause me pain he made me put my ass in the air. Begging did not help! He shoved his fingers inside of me. Please no daddy I cried… He only seemed to get angrier with me.

Daddy spanked me over and over again screaming in my face “Tell me what you are!” he would not stop until I told him I was a Whore! Spitting in my face he called me a whore and while finger fucking me deeply he kissed me like he does my mom. Daddy started spanking me again this time harder than before! I wanted to scream so he pushed my face harder into the bed and started slapping my cunt so hard it burned. He tells me to be a good girl and makes me suck his throbbing cock. “You know why daddy does this don’t you,” He asked rhetorically “Because I love you” and starts bobbing my head up and down making me suck him deeper.

Tight young teen takes rough treatment from her Daddy!

Making me bend over again slamming my face into the mattress! Daddy asked me “are you going to be a good girl?” Slamming his cock inside of me he starts fucking me harder faster and deeper making me beg him to stop. Daddy starts pile driving me grinding his dick as deep as it can get inside of me and it hurt so good I let out a sound of pleasure. Humping me over and over daddy blew his load deep inside of me. He pulled his limp cock out of me and would not stop there.

Daddy would not stop unless I came he started rubbing my cum filled pussy hard! Until I came squirting all over his fingers making me cover the bed in cum. “There you go, you messy girl!” Daddy said. “What do you say?” He asked while his hands were wrapped around my neck. “Thank you, Daddy!” Tears rolling down my eyes I was just so happy it was over until the next time mom is gone and he has too much to drink.

Tight young teen takes rough treatment from her Daddy!

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