Military fetish! Nothing is sexier than a man in uniform!

Military fetish! Nothing is sexier than a man in uniform! Not many of you know that I grew up as a military brat! My Father was in the Army and retired out. Maybe it has to do with my daddy issues… But growing up around men in cammies just turned me into a little… Military slut! My favorite military branch is the Marines. Because in my opinion… They are the hardest branch to succeed in. Plus their cammies are sexier. So I was just sitting here thinking about the first time I was with someone in Army.

As you know that Age is just a number… Well, when I was Sixteen I was living with my Dad full time. Now because he was a high ranking member in the military… He was not around much. This means that I took care of myself most of the time. I had the freedom most teens did not. I met Jay one night at a party at my friend’s house. They were a married couple and shared their apartment with him. Because they were both Army men. Anyways Jay was wicked drunk one night and got behind the wheel of a car.

 Military fetish! Nothing is sexier than a man in uniform!

I wish I could say things were alright but… He got into an accident and was taken to the hospital. We waited for hours and finally… The police came and told us what happened. He was alright but was at the ER receiving medical attention at the Hospital. We got really close after that because being me… I took care of him. I helped him back to health and in that time we bonded and developed an attraction. He was twenty-six years old. I was sixteen. I know that it is an unorthodox relationship but I wanted him so bad!

One night late at night… I snuck out of my room and ran to his house. Quietly I snuck into his bedroom and it was so exciting. So my dad did not approve of him at all!  I did not care just feeling Jay wrap his arms around me made it all worth it! Once we were in his room tucked away he slowly pulled off my clothes. It was the most passionate and physically erotic for a sixteen-year-old girl. Laying me flat on my back he mounted my body with his muscular body. I was so wet I can still remember how wet my sheer pink thong was. The sensation of his hand… Slowly sliding down the front of me.

Military fetish! Nothing is sexier than a man in uniform!

His cock was curved in a way I had never seen before. He curved toward his belly button and had a massive head. His wide girth ripped me as he forced himself inside of me. I had never felt my G-Spot be touched before that moment… It literally sent a shock of pleasure through my whole body. He also was trying to get me pregnant. So we did not use any condoms.

So now you know a little bit about the younger kinkier me. Imagine if I am this slutty as a Tight young Teen… Imagine what kind of a naughty Phone sex operator I am!

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