Sexy Teacher seduces her underage student after hours!

Sexy Teacher seduces her underage student after hours! Sitting on my desk I was teaching my student how to read. Tell me how a seventeen-year-old needs to read?! I will never know how some people are parents. The only thing that he has going for him is… He is absolutely beautiful! I mean he looks like he could be a model if it wasn’t for all of his tattoos. So I was sitting there watching him struggle to read. When all of a sudden all I could think about was taking his cock inside of me! After a while of watching him struggle I make him stand up and do some breathing exercises. “All you need to do is relax and slowly sound out the words,” I said. So, Slowly I rubbed his shoulders just a little feeling his bulging muscles underneath.

Holding my hand on his abdomen I could feel his abs underneath. All I wanted to do was slide my hand down to his cock. I let my hand gently slide down to the front of him and grabbed his cock. “What are you doing?” His eyes grew wide with curiosity. “If you don’t keep reading I will stop I whispered into his ear. The better that he reads the more I reward him. Eventually, I undo his button and unzip his fly, pulling down his pants bit leaving his boxer briefs on. Stroking his throbbing cock harder and faster. I love feeling his bulge in the palm of my hand.

Sexy Teacher seduces her underage student after hours!

I got to my knees and began to suck his uncut cock. It tastes so good! I can feel the curve of his shaft against my tongue while I lick around his foreskin. Teasing along the edge of him I can feel him quiver beneath me. He could not take it anymore… So He grabbed me pushing me over the desk. My stomach was flat against the cold rough wood and I just wanted to scream out my pleasure as he drove himself inside of me. I could feel him deep inside of me thrusting me hard and deep! As good as that felt I wanted more… So I wanted him deeper. He sat on the desk chair and I rode him backward cowgirl.

God, he was so deep inside of me it felt amazing. Rapidly I began to rub my pussy. My clit was so sensitive and hard I began to cum squirting my pleasure all over his cock. He wasn’t done with me yet, he wrapped his arms around me constricting my breath as he drove his cock balls deep inside of me from underneath. Holding me down on him I could feel him exploding his seed inside of me. His cock was pulsating warm squirts of cum and it brought me withering on him once again. I would definitely say that he got an A in my class. His reading skills, however, could use a little work.

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