Cynthia and Kimmy didn’t realize that by the end of the day, they would be tickle torture slaves.

Cynthia and Kimmy were two sexy poolside babes; friends for years before becoming tickle torture slaves. They started their day early at the local pool. Even though there was a storm predicted for the evening, they both oiled themselves up in their tiny bikinis. 

Cynthia’s large areolas were barely visible from under her black and white striped bra, dark from tanning. Her black hair and eyes probably gave her areolas their dusty complexion, and her nipples poked through the thin fabric. In contrast, Kimmy was blonde, fair, with a dusting of freckles over her face and her chest. Her breasts were perky and smaller, but her ass was tight and firm. 

Both of them teased each other, laughing as they oiled up the other. Kimmy happily rubbed the tips of her fingers gently on Cynthia’s sides. Of course, this made Cynthia burst out laughing. Since they thought the pool was empty in the morning, they went wild groping and making the other laugh. Neither suspected there was a gentleman watching them, planning to make them tickle torture slaves. 

Caught By the Tickle Men

Before Cynthia or Kimmy noticed, men in black suits surrounded the two. The men quickly grabbed the girls and put them in handcuffs, hoods over their heads. Cynthia and Kimmy kicked and screamed. Still, the men dragged the girls through the locker room and into a van. Then, the men tied up their legs and told Cynthia and Kimmy to behave. 

“You sluts were laughing all over in public,” one man told them. “You’ve both got laughs our group likes. You’ll both be good tickle torture slaves.”

And before either could complain, the car took off, taking them to some unknown place. Before the girls knew, the men picked up their bodies and carried the girls into another room. Soon, the men put the girls down on cushions, extending both girls’ legs forward. Their feet were placed down on something wooden, and something shut down over them. 

When the hoods were removed, both ladies found themselves in foot stocks. Precious little else was in the room; just seats, stocks, and a table full of devices for tickling. After an exchanged glance of worry, both women realized they were now tickle torture slaves. The men only grinned as two of the group stepped forward, one grabbing pipe cleaner and the other man grabbing a feather. 

“Such lovely laughs, ladies,” a third man spoke. 

Tickling Out Loud

Neither girl could help themselves when the men began to rub their feet. Giggles slipped from their mouths. Kimmy’s laughter grew stronger with each minute, her ribs ballooning in and out with each breath. She flopped over to her side, helplessly roaring with laughter while the men continued tickling her. 

However, Cynthia moved her hands to her lips to try and keep her laughter in. Yet this was not enough to keep herself from laughing. Instead of keeping quiet, her laughter blew against her skin, making farting noises that only made her laugh more. 

From then on, both girls lived as tickle torture slaves. Some say the two are still laughing to this day. 

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