Amy and I were a couple of sexy poolside babes this weekend.

We agreed to go out to the country club to be a couple of sexy poolside babes. Of course, to do this we needed a bit of upkeep. Amy and I started our trek by going out to the tanning salon- wearing the least amount possible. We chatted about our sex lives as we got our tan. She was disappointed that her husband never seemed to want to fuck her anymore, and I assured her that we would get her laid this weekend. After all, two girls were better than one for guys. 

Amy had pretty strict standards. She wasn’t a slut like myself. Her husband had bought her diamonds and gemstones to keep her happy. She had designer bags and clothes and always dressed extremely high class. And for her to find a man worthy of her, he’d have to have a very big cock along with his big stacks of cash. 

Plus, any man we found would have to be very dominant to take care of two headstrong, sexy poolside babes like us.

After our tan, I went ahead and did our makeup. For Amy and myself, I put on smokey brown colors to draw attention to her eyes and gave her a pale pink lipstick. Since we were by the pool, I thought natural would be best. 

And then we went to her country club to head to the pool. Already, I noted a few guys who were excitedly entering the locker room. So as Amy climbed into a yellow, strappy bikini that looked like it would be undone with a simple pull of a string, I gave her breasts a fond squeeze. As for myself, I climbed into a bikini that looked nearly nude. 

Then, we sexy poolside babes marched to the pool’s edge.

Reeling In Mr. Right

While Amy and I dipped our toes and talked, we scanned the pool for a few possible suitors. Most of the men I noted earlier were not in the pool. Instead, they had probably gone golfing. However, it was not a total loss. A young college-aged man propelled himself in the water, doing laps with the butterfly stroke.

“Nice arms,” I commented to Amy.

In response, Amy giggled. “Right? They’d feel amazing holding me down.” While she spoke, she adjusted a diamond necklace she wore, staring a little harder at the swimmer. 

“Or pulling my hair as I gave him a messy wet blowjob,” I countered and her hips squirmed a little at that. Since she seemed excited by that idea, I smiled. Deviously, I leaned next to her ear, my lips only a few millimeters away. As I spoke, I tried to keep my voice low. “You know, I bet he has nice thighs, too. He probably has strong hips. I bet a night with him means your pussy gets drilled over and over again.” 

Amy blushed at that. Then, she turned away, but her legs crossed to keep me from noticing her wet pussy. But luck was in store for us two sexy poolside babes. At that moment, the sexy butterfly stroke man made his way right to us. I touched Amy’s hips, and she opened her legs, giving him a facial shot of her wet swimsuit bottoms. 

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