This mistress makes you beg

I’m not your average Mistress. This mistress makes you beg and plead for what you really want and when I think you have earned it I might give it to you. You’ll have to call and find out. I want you to beg for your deepest desires. While you are on your knees worshiping my body. I want your mouth kissing you and down my body. After I feel like you have worshiped my body for long enough I will tie you to my bed. Your hands restricted from doing anything. Then I will straddle your face and let my pussy sit right in your face close but not too close.

I will put my pussy close enough for you to smell how sweet it is but not close enough for your tongue to reach you. I want to hear you beg to taste my pussy beg for your tongue to just slightly lick it a little. Then I will slide my hands right down onto my clit and play with my pussy right over your face that way when it starts to drip it will drip right on your lips and leave you there licking that taste right off your lips. Making you want more. Sliding my fingers in and out of my pussy and sliding them in your mouth for you reward. And when I get bored playing with my pussy I’m gonna sit it right on your mouth while you slide your tongue from my pussy to my tight tasty asshole.

Smell it now taste it

I want your face buried in my ass worshiping my ass with your tongue. I’ll smother you with my ass and leave you wanting more. I’ll slip my finger into your ass while your smother by mine. You are defenseless because your tied up. While I laugh at your pathetic attempt to break free it will only intrigue my desire to torture you more. You have no idea how much you love what I’ll do to you. I’ll grab my toy and muffle your mouth with my wet pussy. I slide my eight inch dildo right into your ass and watch as you began to enjoy that dildo fucking your ass. Even if you tried to scream my pussy smothering your mouth will keep anyone hear your pathetic cries for help. When I’m done you’ll be begging for more you’ll love your new mistress.

I told you this mistress makes you beg. Can’t tell the wife, try couples therapy sex.

Mistress Kelsey