Couples sex therapy helping husbands and wives cum together

If your sex life is struggling then give couples sex therapy a try. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard men cheat because the wife won’t put out. Believe me when I say I can’t stand women who sexually deprive their men. You guys deserve to explore and have fun. The bad part is when she finally puts out you get mediocre vanilla sex. So not only did you go months with sexual tension but you got plain boring sex as a release. That’s just sad! But I’m here to completely change your life. I want to help you have the best sex of your life. Break out your sexual bucket list and let’s make things happen. I know what your thinking “but Kelsey if it were that easy I could have done it.” My last couple said the same thing.

Sometimes all women need is a little girl to girl talk followed by some guidance. I start by devoting most of my time to her. While she opens up to me, I give her a massage and make her feel relaxed. She’ll lay on my table with a little towel covering up all her naughty parts. As you know already you have to work your way into a woman’s zone and you can’t rush it. Patience is key. My hands will massage into her back shoulders and eventually she will so good her towel will come off. You’ll love watching me touch your wife. I know how to hit every little hot spot in a woman’s body. That is one of your fantasies, isn’t it? A little girl on girl action? It’ll be enough to get your engine going anyways.

From touching to exploring your sexual desires

She is comfortable enough to let my hands move up between her legs. My fingers slide inside her and you watch me finger fuck her. When I pull them out I slip them into your mouth. I take her hand and place it on her pussy, guiding her, I’m teaching her how to masturbate. As she touches herself you start touching yourself. If masturbating in front of each other was on your bucket list consider it achieved. Now that she knows how to touch herself the right way she’ll do it more often. I take her by the hand and lead her over to you. Placing my hands on her shoulders I gently push her down on her knees. She is face level with your exposed cock. I place her hand on your dick and instruct her how to suck you and stroke you.

I’m sure it’s been a while since you have had her mouth on your cock. I promise she has never sucked your cock like this before. Take your hands and place them on her head, guide her face on and off your dick. Go with what feels good to you because that’ll make her more eager to please you. This couples sex therapy is far from over and has many more exciting things cumming your way. Now that she has been on her knees pleasing you, it’s your turn. On your knees you filthy pervert husband. Follow my instructions and she’ll squirm and cum all over you. Don’t forget to drag your tongue to that hole in the back. She says no but after you lick that asshole she’ll scream yes. After oral sex your ready for the best part of couples sex therapy.

Love fucking your wife all over again

Your cock is rock hard and throbbing to burst but you won’t be fucking in a boring old missionary position. I want you two to explore sex positions. Let’s flip your wife over into doggy style position. Thrust your cock inside while rubbing her clit with your fingers. Hold back your urge to come while you change sex positions and always make sure she comes first. Follow my instructions and she’ll cum more than once. I’m sure your desires go beyond fucking your wife in many sex positions. Looking for a bit more intense couples sex therapy?

I go as far as to strap on fucking, role-playing, secret confessions and more. I’m not afraid of kinky fetishes.  Don’t hide what your true desires are. And not ready for the wife to join? Let’s role-play then! I’m down for having our own fun. Fetish phone sex right here right now. Blackmail with Kelsey may be the way we can get your wife into something kinky.