Blackmail with Kelsey

I love to blackmail you into doing whatever I want. Blackmail with Kelsey is an experience you could never forget. I like to get my way and one way or another and I do get my way. I wait for you to tell me all about those kinky secrets you have. All those hidden desires you dream of but you are too scared someone will find out. Then I wait for you to ask me for something and I take full advantage of your needs. I have this little fuck toy that comes over and begs me to stick my toys right up his ass. This time I had my little video recorder sitting out on the shelf recording his pathetic attempts of begging. He is really afraid of everyone finding about his kinky little fetish.

After listening to him beg and plead I pulled out my cam and showed him the video I just took of his begging and complaining his wife just doesn’t do it for him anymore. I threaten to send it to everyone. The only way I’d be willing to keep it our little secret is if he sucks my friends cock. But he has to do it in front of me. He claims to have never sucked a cock before just played with toys but I think we both know deep down he wants the real thing. I grab an outfit out of my lingerie drawer its pink and black lace with matching thong panties. Then I put the outfit on him and take pictures. He’s on his knees and my friend gets right in front of him.

Suck it bitch

I make my little fuck toy suck my friends cock starting with the tip and I made him work his lips down.I keep the camera recording, and zoom in on his lips pushing down on that cock. I have him take his tongue and run it across my friends ass licking and worshiping my friends ass. Then my friend makes him bend over the bed and he takes his cock and put it right up my little fuck toys ass. He has a big cock too. I record his facial expressions as he takes it up his ass the whole ten inches thrusting in and out of him. My friend laughs and calls him a faggot I keep recording. He ask if I’ll delete the video but I laugh and say no I’m gonna keep it for my amusement.

The video is for me to look at whenever I get bored and to laugh every time I watch it.From now on when I ask you to come over and fuck whoever I want you say yes or this video will be posted on the web and sent to your family. Blackmail with Kelsey the best phone sex fetish. call me. I have many blackmailing techniques. Come see how this Mistress makes you beg.

Kinky Kelsey