So I think that I might be pregnant.

There’s just one problem… I’ve been fucking SO many different guys that if I AM pregnant? I have no idea who the baby’s Daddy is!

Davon and I fuck on  regular basis. He always shoots that thick, creamy BBC cum inside me, because he wants to be the the first man that makes a baby inside his dirty little white slut! Not only that, he wants to be the only big black cock to EVER knock me up! No little half-black babies that belong to anyone else! Herein lies the problem. If you keep up with my adventures, you know I just seduced Jay, my new BBC next door neighbor. We fucked at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s – while my parents and his wife wondered where the hell we were. =)

Big Black Cock: Ringing in the New Year With a New BBC – just in case you missed it! 

Since that first time, we’ve been fucking almost non-stop!

And I can’t help it. I know that I should make him wear a condom. Or pull out. Or… something! To keep from getting pregnant. But every time he’s about to bust that huge load inside me? I just can’t do it. I’m screaming and begging for him TO shoot his cum inside me, instead! It’s risky for him since he’s married, but he loves the idea of getting me pregnant just as much as I do! He wants that little biracial baby inside me, and HE wants to be the one to put it there!

What a tangled web I weave, right? But wait; because it gets even MORE complicated! There’s no guarantee that when this little baby pops out in 9 months? It’s going to be black at all! Remember, I have 2 incestual partners that I fuck with no protection on a regular basis also! My big brother shoots HUGE fucking loads of cum inside me! So the baby could easily be his. My Daddy is out of the running, since he had his vasectomy a few years ago. But that still leaves 3 different potential baby Daddies to choose from!

Davon will be SO mad at me if I’m pregnant with another black guy’s baby!

And, if the baby belongs to my brother and it’s white, everyone is going to wonder what the hell is going on, because it’s well known that I mostly fuck BLACK guys! At least if it’s my brother’s baby, there won’t be any questions when it looks exactly like me!

I think it would be SO hot, getting fucked while I’m pregnant! Big strong hands running over that baby bump while there’s a hard cock grinding deep inside me! Yum.  First thing’s first though. I’m going out right now to buy a pregnancy test and see if I’m actually pregnant. I don’t know whether to say cross your fingers and hope I’m NOT pregnant? Or  tell you to cross your fingers and hope that I am!

Your Dirty ‘lil BBC (maybe!) Breeding Slut, 

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