I got home late one night, excited to face plant my pillows. It had been a long day of shopping and my feet were exhausted. I opened my bedroom door and flipped my light on. I looked at my bed and half let out a scream as my stomach dropped. There was someone in my bed…ASLEEP! What the fuck was happening? I took a moment to collect myself before walking into the room and smacking the figure with all my bags!

They hollered out as they flung out of my sheets. I knew the face immediately but it took me a moment to register who it was. “Jillian? What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked. “I got bored over the weekend and decided to surprise you!” I quickly dropped all my bags and jumped on her! I was thrilled to have my best friend close for the time being.

As I hugged her she grabbed my face and kissed me. “What are you doing Jill?” I was in a daze from her being so upfront. “Aly, you know I’ve always liked you. I can’t take another moment without knowing you’re mine. That’s why a flew out here.” I looked her in the eyes in complete bewilderment. I knew that I’d enjoy getting to know her and growing our feelings together. I kissed her back as we both lay down on the bed.

Our clothes were off in a hot minute and she was on top of me sucking my erect nipples. She gently pushed her hands down my slit and into my pussy.

I bucked into her as her fingers slid deeper! She moved down my stomach with her mouth until her lips wrapped around my clit. She sucked and rubbed me until I squirted hard onto her fingers. I then reached under my bed and pulled some toys out. I could tell she was getting excited over the possibilities!

I tied her sweet hands behind her back and laid her on her stomach. I shoved a pillow under her hips so that her ass was now raised. I gently pushed an ass plug into her. I saw her pussy drip as I did so and she even let out a quiet moan. I then got my big black dildo and rammed it hard and fast into her tight cunt. He back arched as she let out and even louder moans.

I fucked that tight honey pot fast as her juices splashed against my hand. At one point I couldn’t help but lick her up. She tasted like heaven! It didn’t take long for her to tighten hard around my cock. I knew she was going to hit that peak soon. I quickened my pace and was rewarded with her squirting on my hands. She came hard, and I was able to keep her cumming for a minute while fucking her.

Jillian stayed the whole weekend. We got into lots of naughty trouble, but I must say, this first night was the most memorable!

Wanna know more about our love affair? Hehe!

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