My lover Sal and I were in Las Vegas recently, shooting craps, drinking and having a great time.  As we were trying to agree on which casino to hit next, I decided to make a suggestion that I’d been thinking about for a while.  

“Why don’t we go and visit a brothel instead of another casino?  I know of a good one only 20 miles from here.”  I said.

Sal put his arms around me and kissed me. “If you are joking, you had better tell me now.  If you aren’t joking, I’m 100% in!”  

I assured him that I was not joking and we drove out to the brothel.  I rubbed Sal’s cock over his pants almost the entire way there.  I had to keep it hard, you know.

We were led into a very well appointed lounge where we ordered a few more drinks and gazed at the lovely women who walked around the lounge, smiling, chatting and making themselves available to interested clients.   

A tall and gorgeousl redhead with creamy white skin and a smoking body approached us.  Sal immediately pulled a chair out for her to sit with us and I knew this was the girl he wanted.  I started asking her what things she was “into” sexually and what she was willing to do.  After a few minutes, we were heading back to one of the guest rooms.

As soon as we got there, Sal instructed lovely Juliette to undress me and start eating my pussy.  She did so, watching Sal the whole time, smiling at him as she put her lips on my thighs and finally on my pussy lips.  I was sitting on an armchair and she was on her knees before me.  I gasped as I felt the warmth of her wet tongue start to probe my hole.  I held her by her hair and lifted my hips up to give her better access to me.  

Sal never took his eyes off of us as he undressed.  He walked over, stroking his beautiful black cock and rubbed it against Juliette’s beautiful face.  She put her lips around his cock and began to suck him but he gently pulled it out and pushed her face back down on my wet cunt.  

“I want to fuck your ass.” he announced as he knelt behind her.   He held her hips and pushed his massive cock inside of her in one quick thrust.  She lifted her face away from my pussy for just a moment so that she could cry out as she felt his dick impale her tiny tight ass.  Sal put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her back down to continue her oral pleasuring.  

Sal slowly and steadily fucked her ass as he watched Juliette’s head bobbing up and down on my pussy.  As soon as I started to orgasm, he began pumping his meat into her harder and we shared an intense orgasm together, looking into each other’s eyes as we climaxed.  

It was, to say the least, an amazing start to a long night of using our fuck toy, Juliette in every way imaginable.  

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