How did I get on the naughty list this year?

Well, as you already know I’m naturally a very bad girl. I would love to be able to say that it was absolutely shocking to see my name at the very top of the naughty list BUT I was expecting it. I’m ALWAYS on that list, after all. This year I really felt like with everything going on in the world that maybe, just maybe, this would the one time I made it on with the good girls. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case and you know what happens to us baddies…

Last year, Ol’ Saint Nick left me a big black cock.

I know traditionally it’s supposed to be coal but I guess he ran out by the time he got to my house. It was a little awkward opening that gift in front of my family. Daddy wasn’t shocked though, he is who makes sure I am on the naughty list each and every year. He loves hearing all about my phone sex calls too. It seems like he and Santa Claus must discuss my antics often because Daddy certainly sees me when I’m sleeping and knows when I’m awake.

But I just couldn’t be good, for goodness sake!

Do you think “the big guy in red” even listens to my shemale phone sex calls too?? What if he watches the skype session that I do and jacks off? There’s no doubt that I BELONG on the naughty list. I have earned my top-level position on it honestly. What do you think the chances are that I could work my way off of it? I’m sure S.C. sees that I have been selling dirty panties this whole time too.

Everyone is tucked into bed and I have left out a very special treat.

Cookies & milk just will not do if you’re trying to get off of the naughty list. Instead, I have left a few extra special treats.

  1. Cum Soaked Panties (a pair of mine and Mommy’s!)
  2. My used Hello Kitty vibrator (Santa actually gave it to me a few years ago.)
  3. Some XXX-mas themed photographs of my perfectly shaved pussy
  4. 2 Pussy Pops (Candy canes, actually lol!)
  5. A Guinness – because Santa is going to need a drink after reviewing everything I’ve been up to

Looking over the bounty I have set up for Mr. Claus, I realize that one last thing may be needed.

I write down the directions to my bedroom on a Christmas card and slide it under the glass of beer. I’m sure he’ll be happy to relieve himself for a few hours in bed with me. How could anyone keep me on the naughty list after I offer my fresh young holes to him on this most HOLY NIGHT?

 So now I am tucked into my bed, waiting to hear the clip-clops of reindeer on our rooftop.

I already have my eggnog flavored lube out and ready, playing with my BBC (big black coal) he stuck in my stocking in 2019. Call me on Christmas Day to find out what happened!



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