Disclaimer: Teen Blackmails Babysitter is based on actual true events. Only the names have been changed. This humiliation phone sex story is rated X.

I had been working for The Johnsons for several years and first started watching Joshua when he was still very young. As far as I can recall, he always seemed extra innocent and enjoyed being babied. His mother would often as me to tackle tasks for him that really a boy his age should have already mastered himself. I *really* needed the job though. At the time I was only a freshman at my university. Nannying Joshua and housesitting for The Johnsons was the perfect side hustle for a young coed. Never would I have suspected that once he got older, he would develop natural feelings toward me. Ultimately being the that teen blackmails babysitter for sexual favors. There’s no doubt that he was on the naughty list this year. 

I arrived at The Johnson residence around 5:30 pm that Friday. Joshua’s parents had already left. They were on the way to Sweden and needed to catch their flight. When I knocked on the door, he answered. I could already tell he was feeling extra bratty. “Hey, Ms. Dylan – You’re late,” Josh hissed. Fighting back the urge to roll my eyes I responded, “I know Joshua, I’m sorry. I texted your mother and she said it was fine.” His face relaxed, maybe he was just nervous about being home by himself for that extra 30 minutes. At his age, usually, young guys would be excited to have the whole house to themselves but Joshua was different. It’s shocking to me to this date that this teen blackmails babysitter story even involves him.

“So..what do you want to do, Joshua? I need to just put my things away in the guest bedroom but then I am all yours for the next three days!” 

Josh seemed less excited, even nonchalant. He smiled and said, “I want to take a bath!” My face must have shown how confused I was.  At his age still taking baths? “Sure, go right up and enjoy!”, I responded with a smile. His face changed. “Mom said you would do everything just like she does. Mommy always runs my baths for me.” I looked around for the hidden cameras. This had to be a joke. He was nearly double the age of when that would be appropriate to do. I protested but he insisted, finally I caved. 

“Hey Miss Dylan, truth or dare?” 

I turned around from running the bathwater. “hmmmmm dare!” – How rough could the kid be on me? “Take off all of my clothes for me!” I looked at him completely confused. “Do it or I will have mom fire you.” (Teen blackmails babysitter is already off to a hard start.)  I was so flabbergasted that I nearly choked on my bubble gum. Why did he think I would stand for this? Josh reached over and held his phone up to show he had found my OnlyFans account. I knew at that point I had to do anything and everything he said. The brat had me exactly where he wanted me…

The rest of the game is even too X-rated for our blog site. If you want to hear the rest of Teen Blackmails Babysitter, phone sex is the only way! 😉 


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