Rejoice slaves: I finally started selling dirty panties. 

So many of you have requested this and I have decided that my callers have earned the right. Lucky, ya’ll! It really got me thinking though..Why stop at just panties? It’s only fair of me to provide my callers with the chance to buy their very own little piece of me. Selling dirty panties only made sense. Especially the extra naughty guys who have been given the task of building an altar to me. I know how much you love to stay in a prayer position after all. Grab your anal beads and get ready to say that hail mary’s to Father Dylan. 

Many asked during phone sex calls if I would start selling dirty panties. 

Email after email rolled in, the same questions over and over. “When can I purchase? Will you take custom requests? What will the pricing look like?” – I realized you were dying to have a piece of me close to you. Many reminding me that I was one of the few Phone Sex Kingdom babes that weren’t already selling merchandise. I happily have decided to oblige and even build a little bit of a special request shop for those especially kinky & naughty boys who wanted something extra special. 

What could that mean? Well…

Why stop at JUST selling dirty panties?  

How about pissy panties? Dried and smelly! I can make them as dirty as you could possibly want them! Would crusty pantyhose tickle your pickle? Used dildos? I’ve got 20- even a buttplug or two that I’ve had plenty of fun with. All of these are ready to be passed on to you for your PSK merch collection. 

Would you like to fall asleep at night smelling my Oribe shampoo?

Great news- I can sell you my pillowcase. I’ll even hump it once or twice for you! Fancy having a pair of my perfect size 7 shoes? I have high heels and smelly sneakers. Take your pick, baby. It’s Goddess Fetish Sales Event!

Selling dirty panties was only the beginning.

A true Daddy Dylan fan needs full outfits. Want to own a piece of my old school uniform? Yes, the very same one I lost my virginity in. You can buy it! Hell baby, you can WEAR IT. Wouldn’t it be so much fun for you, my sissies, to slide into that uniform and pretend to be a little kinky school girl who gets absolutely pounded for the first time right after class? 

Now I have to ask you, what have you been looking for? 

Would being able to glide my used hot pink lipstick across your mouth make those testicles twitch? Knee-high tube socks with filthy soles? Lingerie sets that have been freshly fucked in by a BBC bull would probably drive several of you crazy. Speaking of- owning a cockring worn by one of them makes a fun family heirloom, I think. 

The possibilities are endless and you now have the ability to have a tiny piece of me close at all times.

I can’t wait to see which of you become top collectors of my erotic memorabilia. Call me, my little pay piggies & submissive whore-boys, and have that wallet ready. You won’t want to miss out on my virtual gift shop goodies. 







Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke