The best part of waking up is cum in your cup

I woke with a huge smile on my face and an ache in my cunt.  The memories of last night cum flooding back.  Oh yes!  We had such a hot night.  I am going to need coffee fast!  I crawl out of bed careful not to wake him…yet.  I can feel his cum start to leak out of my still swollen pussy.  I made him fill me up!  Ouch!  My muscles are sore too.  I love the way my body feels after a good long night of hard core fucking.  Used and abused but at the same time very satisfied.  As I wait for the coffee I am thinking about how amazing it felt as I was riding him.  He had my hips gripped so hard…Yep there are bruises but it felt so good.  As I am pouring the coffee I am startled as I feel his hands first as they reach around and cup my tities then his bare morning wood against my ass.

Oh I want to feel that in me again!  Then I get an idea.  I add sugar to the cup of coffee as he kneads my breasts, stir it and take a sip.  It needs something.  I turn around, drop to my knees and begin teasing his cock with my tongue.  Running it over and around the head then up and down the shaft.  Then I suck it into my mouth as far as I can and pull it back out.  I keep it up sucking harder and deeper.  He grabs my head and shoves it further down my throat.  I let him until he gets to the point right before he is about to pump it in me coating my throat.  I pull it out, grab the coffee cup and stroke him a few times until he is cumming in the coffee.  I milk every drop.  I give it a little stir and take a sip.  Ahhh there is nothing better than cream straight from the dick to make the perfect cup of coffee.

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