That Drunk BBC Was All Mine!

I swear the saying is true, “Once you go black, you never go back!” I love to enjoy and fuck a BBC whenever I can. There’s one in particular that makes me melt more than others. His BBC is literally the perfect size; 9 inches, thick, and just fucking perfect!

Tonight he went to a Friendsgiving (yes I know it’s a bit late but whatever!). I knew he’d be calling me at the end of the night because he’d be too drunk to drive home. Like the good fuck buddy I am, I went to pick him up. He was completely shitfaced drunk when he got in the car. We had some good laughs on the drive home. Once we got inside the apartment I expected him to pass out and not want to be dealt with.

Little did he know that I was going to take full advantage of his BBC drunk ass! I need his cock inside of me so bad! I pulled him into my room and pushed him onto my bed. He very willingly stumbled onto my bed and started to laugh. I pulled his pants off and started to rub on his BBC as he continued to laugh. He was getting hard very quickly.

I knew he’d be ready within just a few moments and need to be fucked.

After I got him erect I placed my mouth around his head and moved my mouth slowly up and down on his shaft! The way his eyes rolled into the back of his head was intoxicating. I sucked him hard and fast until his BBC swelled with his cum….then I stopped.

He looked up at me with the most pissed-off look on his face. I couldn’t help but giggle and I climbed up onto him and moved my wet pussy up and down on him. Then I stuck that amazing BBC straight up in the air and slowly sat down on him. I felt every inch as it moved inside of me. Once all the way in I moved back and forth so that I could feel his ridges and veins move inside of me.

I leaned forward and bounced my ass up and down pulling both of us closer to our climax! I found my ecstasy before he did. Then I came hard as I rode him pulling every ounce of pleasure from it. I looked down and knew he’d be cumming soon if I didn’t stop, so I stopped. I rolled off of him and curled up in bed. He was pissed at first but then ended up knocking out because he was so drunk. He lay in my bed the whole night and didn’t move at all.

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