I Walk Around My Condo Nude All The Time

I’ve always enjoyed spending time in the nude. I walk around my condo nude all the time. I like to cook in the nude. It’s easier to clean in the nude, it’s just more comfortable to me. A few weeks ago I noticed something had been slipped under my door, which is rare, as I live in a secure building. So they would have had to have either lived there themselves or been buzzed in. I leaned down and opened the envelope. There were nude pics of myself in there that had been taken through a window with a zoom lens. I looked up at the window and only saw the building across from me. They had to have been taken from there. And I knew  I had a peeping tom.
 cj has a peeping tom
I had no idea who had done this. And  I was a bit afraid, to be honest. I kept the curtains closed so I could still go around naked. A few days later a note was under my door saying they wished I hadn’t closed the curtains. As they missed me going around in the nude. So the peeping tom had tried to see me and now couldn’t and was upset by it. A few days later another note appeared. And this time there was an invitation for coffee at the coffee house across from the condo buildings. They would be there tonight at seven o clock. My curiosity got the better of me and I went to see who it was that had been watching me. I was a bit nervous, but I wanted to know.

This Guy Was Merely A Teenager

I ordered a coffee and was sitting there looking out the window when this young man approached me. He looked like a teenager. I assumed he thought I was someone else. But then he said I was even more beautiful up close, I knew it was the peeping tom. I was shocked he was so young, so cute, so innocent looking. I couldn’t deny I was attracted to his youthfulness. He sat down across from me and we talked for hours. I couldn’t believe it. I invited him back to my place. He had a huge crush on me and would watch me from his bedroom window.
I was flattered, he was blushing, obviously shy. He was a virgin he said and he said he would so love to kiss me. I can’t say I didn’t want to. I said he could, and I thought that would be it. He kissed me so softly, so gently, I couldn’t help but want to show him more, and I did.

I Led Him Into My Room

I led him to the bedroom and undressed slowly in front of him. And then helped him undress as well. I laid on the bed and beckoned him to me and he was so nervous, and so hard. He kissed me deeply and I melted in his young arms. He kissed down my body and soon his tongue was at my pussy and my moist cunt lips opened for him and he lapped at their juices. For a virgin, he was pretty talented with that tongue. I couldn’t believe I was in bed with my teenaged peeping tom.

I Guess I have a Thing For Young Peeping Toms!

My clit was stiff and his tongue flickered over it and drove me wild with pleasure. It wasn’t long until I came on his face. He then got up from between my legs and kissed me and I tasted myself on him, which I love. He asked he if could fuck me and of course I said yes and he slid right into me. The look of ecstasy on his face was exquisite as he entered me.

This Teenaged Peeping Tom Was Hot!

He thrust and thrust and I wrapped my legs tightly around him. I bucked up towards him, seeking my second orgasm, and I soon got it and my pussy began to milk his cock with my contractions and he shot his virgin load inside of me and it was very sweet. He lay with me for a while and then left. I opened my curtains when he did. I hope we will one day play again, until then, he’s free to be my teenaged peeping tom. I love to have age play calls.Have adult chat with me anytime!
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