I Was A Teen Tease And I Loved It

During the summers of my High school years, I worked as a nanny for a wealthy family. I really liked the job, the kids were nice and the house was beautiful and the dad was sexy. That’s where the only problem lay. I liked him a lot and used to think about him all the time. Many a night would I be laying in bed after I’d put the kids to sleep. I’d be playing with my pussy thinking of him down the hall, wishing it was his hands on me. I was a total teen tease and would bend over in front of him so he could see my tits. Or bend over with him behind me so he could see my skimpy panties under my short skirt. And I knew he noticed.

I Made Sure To Tease Him When His Wife Was Not Around

I caught him looking a few times out of the corner of his eye. One time I’d given the kids ice cream cones and had one myself. I sensually swirled my tongue around that ice cream and looked him right in the eye. I lapped at it like I would his cock and he looked so flustered, it was funny. And I could see a hard on developing in his pants as I knew what he was thinking. It was exactly what I wanted him to be thinking.I was teasing him and I loved it!

I did the same sort of thing once when I’d given the kids bananas. I took mine in my mouth and was moving it in and out like I was deep throating it. The kids didn’t understand, they were little and were laughing, thinking it was funny. He knew what I was doing though. I made sure and never did these things when his wife was around. I doubt she’d have found it as entertaining as he did.

He Saw Me Skinny Dip Late At Night

Being a teen tease could be a lot of fun, of course only the dad was aware of it. They had a pool and sometimes after the kids were asleep I’d go down for a swim. It was dark and quiet out there and I was masturbating with one of the pool jets that shoots water and letting it hit my clit. You couldn’t see anything since the water was up to my shoulders. I was however moaning with pleasure it felt so good and all of a sudden the father was standing there. He said he knew what I was doing, that his wife masturbated that way as well sometimes in the pool. He said it turned him on to listen to me and would I mind if he stayed? I was a bit surprised, but didn’t mind.

I Loved To Torture Him

He sat on the chair near the edge of the pool and I could hear him open his zipper in the dark. He sighed and moaned a bit and I knew he was stroking his cock. I couldn’t see a lot, there was only the moonlight, but I saw his arm moving as he rubbed one out. I moaned and came from the water on my clit and I swam on my back, totally nude. And  I knew he was watching me. The moonlight on my breasts as I swam back and forth. I heard him softly say he knew what a teen tease I was. I giggled and told him he loved it, to which he agreed. He said his wife was asleep and he’d seen me out the window as I got into the pool and he decided to follow me.

I got out of the pool and dried myself off as he watched, still stroking his cock. He told me I had a beautiful body, and I knew he wanted me, but he made no attempt to touch me. I could hear him groan as he came. And I walked back into the house and he followed a few moments later. I still enjoyed doing things to get him going and I know he noticed them. The wife never caught on, and we exchanged looks, but that was it. I will always have fond memories of that job though. It was fun and we went many nice places where I looked after the kids. Being a teen tease can lead to fun experiences, not a doubt about it.

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