Teen sex training wasn’t exactly on the menu when I met my mom’s new boyfriend. But within the first week, I had the most intense training of my life!

Teen sex training or flirting without saying a word

When I met my mom’s new boyfriend, I knew I was in trouble. Or rather, I knew I was about to get him into trouble. I blushed when his gaze stopped on my perky teen titties. It made my nipples so hard knowing he saw me like that. His cock got hard through his jeans. He rubbed his hard-on with his palm to try to calm himself down but it didn’t work. Only some teen sex training would solve his problem and mine. I’m sure my mom thought it was because of her! But he and I knew. We felt a special connection from the start.

I just knew I had to act on my lust-driven instinct

It’s no secret I thought he was pretty hot, even before we started teen sex training. I imagined his sexy daddy body climbing over me in my pretty pink teen bed at night. He fucked my mom so loudly in the next bedroom. She became such a dirty talking whore! I got so jealous listening to her moans. Hearing the headboard hit against the wall drove me crazy. I finger fucked myself so much but I just couldn’t help it!

Caught in the act!

He caught me bouncing on my dildo one night after he finished fucking my mom. I’m not sure how long he was standing in the doorway stroking his dick. But he groaned when I moaned his name and came all over my toy. He pulled me onto my knees by my pigtails and buried his cock in my throat. He explained that I needed some teen sex training. I gagged and choked on his heavy cock and he wiped my tears, praising me for being a good cocksucking slut. When he shot his load all over my face, he explained that I’d need to be ready every night afterwords for his instruction. I was so turned on that he wanted me so of course, I agreed!

Teen sex training starters

My mom’s boyfriend dressed me in the tiniest micro-bikini for him when she wasn’t home. He wanted to see my “sweet, young little body,” and always said I was so much hotter than my mom. Teen sex training was usually rough, hard, and fast – fucking my body into the bed. I wanted to please him, so sometimes training made me blush. He said I was so tight when he slapped my ass, spit in my mouth, and wrapped his hand around my throat.

He spread and fucked me in all kinds of impossible positions and said that I took his thick dick so well. Once he held onto my hips and showed me how to ride him, he said I was even a better fuck than my mom! He loved stretching out my tight cunt. And she had no idea at all!

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