Dirty Talking Wife Whispers Sweet Nothings – Literally

It’s pretty cute when couples try to “spice up” their relationships by trying something other than their mundane “vanilla” sex. Your dirty talking wife tells you she wants to try something kinky. Then you think you’re in for a real treat! Disappointment runs deep when you discover the dirtiest thing she can think of includes a blow job. Maybe you feel even a bit of resentment. Neither disappointment nor resentment follows a chat with me!

Letting Off Some Steam

You need to let off steam. You know it; I know it. Your wife or girlfriend knows it. She knows you jerk off. She has to, right? If that dirty talking wife isn’t taking care of your needs, giving you mind-blowing sex on the regular, you have some energy that needs releasing. Then we really don’t need to hide the fact that you seek out more, shall we say, “adventurous” ways to cum.

When you’re with her, I want to be the one who still makes you sweat. You should hear my voice pleading for your cum when the lights are dim and she’s shedding off her dress. It’s not like we’ve created cheating husband porn of any kind together! It’s harmless fun, plain and simple. First, your dirty talking wife tells you she’s put the kids to bed early tonight. (Is that supposed to be enough to get you going? Really?!)

While she’s talking about kids and groceries – instead of fucking riding that dick like a stripper pole, you can pull out your phone. Look at pictures I sent you of my tight, pink cunt. Maybe you’ll still have limp fish, missionary sex, but fuck I hope not! Use her holes and remember how absolutely filthy you’ve been with me. Think of earlier that day when I was your kids’ babysitter, daughter’s friend, or next-door neighbor. You’re practically giving a gift to your dirty talking wife spending your load inside her!

“Vanilla” Melts Right Off My Hot Tongue

Vanilla sex isn’t a bad thing; of course, there are lovely times to be had with romantic, fluffy stuff involved. As a daddy’s girl and princess, I love being treated that way myself! It may feel a bit jarring at first to hear such filthy words come out of my sweet mouth. One moment, I’ll ask if I’m a good girl, and in the next, I’ll beg for you to shove your cock right up my ass. (I’m sure your dirty talking wife never begs for you to fuck her ass harder and pull her hair so hard she’s your literal fuck doll.)

Whining and writhing like a whore comes naturally when I get so horny for cock. I could gag on cock and gargle with cum all day and still not have my fill. Insatiable is my middle name! Don’t get me started on gangbangs and filling all of my holes until I’m stretched and pleading to cum, covered in jizz, still holding my tongue out for more!


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