Teen Sex Stories: I Took What I Wanted From Him

If you are anything like me, teen sex stories get you so fucking turned on, it’s ridiculous! This sexy little blog is going to be no different. This was going to end up being one of my most favorite fantasy sex stories! My parents were having a cookout and Mr. Johnson, the neighbor, was staying in the guest room because he had been drinking all day. I have always had a crush on him, but I knew it would not be perceived well by my parents, of course. I decided to do something that I have wanted to do for too long.

My night was going to consist of me sneaking into his room and take what I wanted from him.

He was asleep under the blankets. I poked him to see if he aroused, but he did not. I snuck my hand under the covers, and discovered that he was naked! Smiling to myself, I started to rub my hand over his cock, feeling it grow under my seductive touch. I climbed under the covers and gently started to lick the head of his cock. This was even more fun than hot, teen phone sex!

I put the entirety of his cock into my mouth, gently sucking it as I closed my lips around his cock. I moaned because I had been wanting this for so long! He suddenly groaned, and I finally felt him stir. He lifted the covers and saw his cock still in my mouth. “Carter!”, he exclaimed. I pulled his cock out of my mouth long enough to say, ” Listen, Mr. Johnson. I have been wanting this for a while now, and I know that you have, too. Just let this happen, and I won’t scream.” Looking at me with a long, piercing stare, he nodded.

Smiling, I sat up.

I took off my pajamas and spread my legs. He leaned down and started tenderly licking and sucking my clit. It felt so fucking good! Using my hands, I pulled his face to mine and kissed him. I wanted to see how I tasted, and I tasted so fucking good! Using those same hands, I pushed his head back down and savored his tongue a little while longer. I felt my muscles clench up repeatedly as I reached my orgasm! He cleaned me up, licking my little pussy clean of all of my delicious flavors. I got off of the bed, put my pajamas back on, and left him in his room. I had gotten what I wanted. (;