Fantasy Sex Stories: Gamer Girl Gets Dirty at Comicon

I love Fantasy Sex Stories because they are so much fun! My friends and I went to the San Diego ComiconĀ dressed as one of my favorite superheroes, Wonder Woman. I had her outfit on, and it was a bit sexier than her normal outfit and exposed way more skin that it should have. I went with a few friends of mine. My friends and I were having the time of our lives at Comicon! We had been planning our outfits and activities for months!

We were in the main venue, around everyone else who had come dressed in their favorite gear.

There were Harley Quinn cosplayers and various video game characters. There was so much to look at, everywhere that you looked! While we were making our way to one of the tables when I felt a hand grab my ass. As I turned around, I saw him. He was dressed as Captain America and he was ripped! I could see his muscles underneath his blue Captain America outfit because it looked like it was about to break. We met eyes and sized each other up. I could feel the hunger in his eyes, just as I’m sure he could feel the hunger radiating off of my body.

Captain America walked toward a hallway that was not being used, and I followed him.

I told my friends that I was going to the restroom and to go on ahead because I would catch up. I walked down the hallway. As I was rounding the corner, someone pulled me close, and pushed me up against the wall, letting he had grazed the skin below my skirt. I moaned into his lips as he kissed me. I felt his hand go up my skirt, and his fingertips touched my panties. He pulled my panties down to my knees, because they were in the way, and pushed me against the wall, facing away from him, and bent me over.

He shoved his cock into me, and I gasped at the size of it.

It filled my tight little pussy up, because of his large cock, and as he pumped me, he went faster and faster. All of a sudden, he pulled his cock out of me and flipped me over to where I was facing him. Captain America pushed me onto my knees. He opened my mouth and put his cock in it. He put his hand on the back of my head and shoved his cock into my throat and came into my mouth. It tasted so good. I closed my eyes in pleasure because I could feel his cum sliding down my throat. He took his cock out and walked away. I opened my eyes, and Captain America was gone. He must have left the venue. Therefore, I never saw my Captain America again.


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