Babysitter Sex Stories: Babysitter Won’t Let Her Boss Pull Out

I absolutely love babysitter sex stories, as I am sure you do too! How can someone not? The idea of coming home after a long day at work or a date and finding your sexy little babysitter playing with herself on the couch is just so enticing! Sometimes those naughty babysitters want you to come in and catch them doing some very sexy, like playing with herself or fucking her boyfriend. Sometimes they want your cock so bad and will do anything to get it! I love teen sex stories and especially naughty, seductive ones!

You walked into your house, and there she was.

She spelled out college girls and was the epitome of sexy. Her leg thrown over the chair and her fingers deep in her pussy. She saw you come in, but she didn’t stop touching herself. You were taking her all in because all of her naked beauty and your pants felt tighter as your cock got harder. You walked over to her and slid down your pants. She gently pulled your boxers down and started to lick your cock.

You reached down between her legs and felt her pussy.

It was soaking wet, much to your surprise. You sat down on the couch, and she climbed on top of you. She slid your thick cock right into her pussy, and it felt so fucking amazing! Her pussy was super tight and was squeezing around your cock as she bounced up and down on you.

You feel like you are about to burst and she bounces harder and faster. “I’m about to cum, hop off for a second.” She doesn’t. In fact, she does the opposite. She bounces on your cock harder and harder and right as you are cumming, she plants herself on you and takes every drop inside of her pussy. “I really wanted you to cum inside of me, because I want to have a baby, sorry.” She picked up her things, got dressed and left. You sit there, realizing that you had just come the hardest you ever had in your life.


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